When you're long distance, every visit counts. Some weekends all you want to do is snuggle up all day and have a movie marathon. Other times you're looking to go out somewhere and have a new experience together. Regardless of what your visit may look like, spending time together is what makes the long trip worth it, every time.

What happens when you go on vacation with your long distance significant other can strengthen your relationship without much effort. Why? Because you're spending more time with your person than normal, in a cool new place, doing what you two love most... being together!

If you're able to, even if it's for a quick weekend, travel somewhere with your significant other. The longer the better.

For once you will be with your person longer than usual. Sure, weekend visits back and forth to see each other are always great. But a week together is a total change up then what you're used to doing.

A changeup that allows you to continue creating awesome memories, with a different background.

There are so many good moments together even if its just for three or four days. Just think of how many adventures you can go on a trip somewhere with your S.O. Whether it's a trip to the beach or a cross-country road trip, you don't have to do much when you're away.

It's the fact that you're spending quality time together that means so much to your relationship.

Experiencing a vacation together is way different than telling the other stories about it when you get home. Being together on vacation will bring you closer as it allows you to see the other at their happiest.

Not only is your S.O. away from the daily grind, they are with you. You will be seeing the world in a different light with the person who means the most to you, how could that not make you closer?

There will be no calls to answer, no work to be done, just strict relaxing with the person who means the most to you. Not shaming kicking-back with your person and watching Netflix on your own couch. But relaxing together on the beach? That's an opportunity that doesn't come knocking every day, and it should be one you two ensure you do at some point.

It may be a trip abroad or just a few hours away. Whatever kind of getaway you're taking, the effects it has on your relationship will be lasting and wonderful.

You're taking time off from the daily grind and doing it together, which means a lot to the both of you. Knowing how stressful the other's life can be is tough and being able to step back from reality for a few days together really strengthens the awesome relationship you already have. You get to see your person with no one harking on them to "check this out for me," which is something you rarely get to see.

No one is interrupting your time together. No one is taking time away from the two of you. You're together somewhere new, doing exactly what you always love to do. Having fun, with nothing in the world stopping you.

That is crucial for a couple who don't get to see each other a whole lot.