100 Things Literally Every Basic Girl Has Done

100 Things Literally Every Basic Girl Has Done

You hate being called basic. (Get over it.)

There is a new species of girl out there and as hard as you may try to fight it, you can't help but evolve. There's a little bit of basic in every one of us these days. But, just how basic are you? Check out the list below to find out and keep track of everything you've done. I guarantee you've done quite a few of these things, and if you haven't, you're probably lying to yourself.

1. You love Instagram.

2. You have an Instagram aesthetic.

3. If you don't, you want one.

4. You've planned an Instagram caption before an event.

5. You own an absurd amount of black leggings (bonus points if they're Lululemon).

6. You live in your Bean boots in the winter.

7. You own Uggs.

8. You wear those Uggs more than you'd like to admit.

9. You have a very specific Starbucks drink.

10. You get really mad when the barista spells your name wrong, even though your name is probably impossible to spell anyway.

11. You've Instagrammed your Starbucks before.

12. You watch "The Bachelor" with your friends.

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13. You have an annoying group text with your best friends that you can’t live without.

14. You have a Bitmoji.

15. You read Odyssey articles.

16. You’ve shared said Odyssey article and tagged your friends because this is SO us.

17. You’ve written an Odyssey article (bonus points!).

18. You watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

19. You have a VSCO.

20. You love Netflix.

21. You’ve binge watched Gilmore Girls.

22. You love Taylor Swift.

23. You’re mad that Taylor Swift hasn’t released any music in two years.

24. You’ve wished you were an Instagram blogger.

25. You’ve gotten a gel manicure.

26. You religiously use GIFs and think you’re funnier than you actually are.

27. You overuse Snapchat filters.

28. You have Snapchat streaks you greatly care about.

29. You let everyone on your Snapchat know when you’re going out.

30. You workout.

31. You also snap your workout to let everyone know that you’re actually, in fact, working out.

32. You have candles in your room.

33. You’ve used the terms “perf” and “obvi”.

34. You love blanket scarves.

35. You can bake.

36. You’ve captioned a picture “wife me up” or “domestic” after baking.

37. You love romantic movies, no matter how cheesy they may be.

38. You’ve made your boyfriend watch said romantic movies with you, even though he hates them.

39. You pride yourself on your messy bun abilities.

40. Your life would be lost without dry shampoo.

41. You’ve had a macaroon.

42. You own a Kate Spade or Lilly Pulitzer planner.

43. You frequently attempt DIY room decor thanks to Pinterest.

44. You have a tapestry hanging in your room.

45. If you studied abroad, everyone knows it.

46. You have a green army jacket.

47. You have quite a few pair of riding boots.

48. You’ve used a bath bomb.

49. You’ve Instagrammed that too.

50. You’ve watched a YouTube video on how to do makeup.

51. You have something Patagonia.

52. Your favorite emoji is the cute smiling one with the pink cheeks. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

53. You follow dogs on Instagram and you really care about them.

54. You’re a frequent Target shopper.

55. You love to complain about how much money you spend at Target.

56. You love to complain about how broke you are in general. (Probably because you’re buying all of these things, idk).

57. You’ve seen every episode of Friends.

58. You can quote Legally Blonde.

59. You have an excessive amount of swimsuits.

60. You have a patterned Vera Bradley duffel bag.

61. You own a Michael Kors watch.

62. You have something that's monogrammed.

63. You know who KJP and Sarah Vickers are.

64. You like John Mayer.

65. You have an obnoxious amount of Nike running shoes.

66. You probably don't run in them.

67. You've screamed the words to "Closer."

68. You brunch.

69. You gravitate towards elevated surfaces to dance (poorly) on.

70. You think knowing lyrics to mainstream rap songs makes you "hood."

71. You think captioning a selfie with a bible verse or inspiration quote makes it less vain. it doesn't.

72. You own those Adidas shoes. You know exactly what I'm talking about.

73. You get more excited for football games than the football team.

74. You frequently boost your friends in their Instagram comments. "Can you not be perfect?" "Need your hair" "Wow your bod is goals"

75. You don't reply to DMs.

76. You like leaving people on read because you think that makes a difference.

77. Stalk, stalk, stalk, stalk, stalk.

78. You wear white converse.

79. You have twinkly lights in your room.

80. You wear oversized sweatshirts.

81. You refuse to give the sweatshirts back to whoever you stole them from.

82. You've taken 90 selfies just to get the right one.

83. You hated all of them.

84. You wore a choker to stand out, but by doing that you actually are still basic.

85. You "literally" "can't even" 75% of the time.

86. You think it's always time for iced coffee.

87. You can't wait for the red cups at Starbucks.

88. You have an Instagram girl crush.

89. You have a signature scent.

90. You love smoothie bowls and organic juices.

91. You exaggerate everything. Examples include: "I hate myself." "I just want to die." "This is the worst thing that's ever happened to me."

92. You own RayBans.

93. You think you could be a doctor thanks to "Grey's Anatomy."

94. You've attempted winged eyeliner.

95. You've done the double braid look.

96. You love rompers.

97. You own J Crew vests.

98. You have a long, black Northface parka.

99. You've said "cash me ousside, howbow dah."

100. You hate being called basic (get over it).

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Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

5 Questions To Ask Yourself When You're On The Fence With A Guy

Is he worth it?


Whether you're contemplating if you want to continue your fling with a guy or contemplating breaking up with your boyfriend, there are always questions we're asking ourselves. Ranging from "is this right of me?" to "is this what will make me happy?" But if you are really sitting on the fence and don't know what to do next, check out these five questions you need to ask yourself if you're torn on what to do.

1. Do I want long term or short term?

This is a huge question to ask. If you're looking to settle down for a while, your guy may not want that. And it could always be the other way around as well. Make sure to decipher this with him so you both know what you want and no one gets a broken heart.

2. Can I see myself marrying this person?

I know this is a bold question to ask, especially if you're not dating. But really thinking about if you can see yourself with them for a long time can make it or break it. But say you're dating and you're on the fence of deciding you want to break up with them or not, think about if you can see yourself saying "I do" to them, and if you can't, let him go.

3. Can I see myself living with them/how do they live?

I've seen many people get engaged and move in together and later call it quits due to the way their partner lived. If you've been getting to know your guy for a while now and notices he lives like a pig, you may have to wonder if you'd be cleaning up those messes in the future.

4. How do they make me feel?

This question in a no brainer. If they make you feel bad, why even question continuing into the relationship.

5. Are they worth it?

Is he worth it? I know I have had some experiences when I was on the fence with a couple of guys and I've had to ask myself the same question. And when I'd question if he was worth it or not, my gut feeling always came out right. If you're looking to keep him around, always ask yourself if he's worth it.

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Girls, You NEED To Understand That Fuckboy Texting You ‘wyd’ 24/7 Will Never Give You A 24 Karat Ring

I finally managed to crack the code as to why your casual hookup will never try to make you his wife.

Elle Hong
Elle Hong

There are five unofficial steps of hookup culture: Find a guy. Get to know him a little bit, but not too much (because you have to keep "boundaries," remember?) Make a pact to keep things "casual" and promise to still be "friends" with each other. Then, hookup with him. And keep hooking up with him without any emotional attachment — just over and over again and never expect anything more.

From a birds eye view, hookup culture seems so harmless. I mean, what's more convenient than having a booty call at your doorstep with the swipe of a screen? When you want to hook up, all you have to do is shoot that 2 a.m. "U Up?" text.

Hell, I even wrote a whole article about the perfect FWB situation.

Yet suddenly—here I am, Elle Hong, resident "Uncuffed" writer on Swoon and self proclaimed fuckgirl who glorifies hookup culture above anything else, catching feelings and falling for the wrong guys just like any other girl out in the world.

Consider this blasphemy. Or maybe I'm just dying to make a confession.

A confession that I, too, have experienced the feeling of wondering why I was never enough for the guys I hooked up with. Why they never chose me over the girls they would eventually form serious relationships with and why to them I only was nothing more than a casual hookup.

So, I thought about it. I critically analyzed it. I "Aristotle-d" my way into trying to find an answer behind the impossible question of wondering why I was never considered to be anything more. Over the past few weeks, it essentially became my new research topic and now, I finally managed to crack the code as to why your casual hookup will never try to make you into wifey material. Here's why.

First and foremost: Guys usually (but not always) choose to hookup with girls who they don't see as anything more.

Now, keep in mind I'm not saying that guys will NEVER fall in love with the girls they hookup with because it can happen. It's life. Life is unpredictable. No doubt, people have fallen in love on Tinder and married a random match who just happened to become The One. But we all know what Tinder is really for. Generally speaking, guys will seek random hookups with the types of girls they think are "easy" and if they're desperate enough, it's definitely not going to be someone they view as their future wife.

If he thinks you're cute, you're within 10 miles radius and you can hold a conversation, it doesn't matter what your annual salary is or how many siblings you got—he wants one thing and it's to get you in bed. And until a guys find this girl who captures his heart and inevitably makes him want to settle, he's going to go around hooking up with random girls left and right. So in this case, it's not your fault. You're just with the wrong type of guy who only thinks of you as his sexual conquest.

See also: Guys want to settle with girls that don't go around hooking up with other people.

Ironic as hell because I just talked about why guys would never want to settle, period. But think about it—guys are humans with rational thoughts and animalistic desires. When they find their territory, they mark it. Once he finds a girl who is the one, he never wants to let her go. And he never wants to see that girl be with another guy or god forbid, go around hooking up with other guys. So here's the moral of the story to get my point across: I hate to break it to you, but bragging about how many other guys you're f*cking outside of your current FWB situationship isn't going to help develop the relationship any further.

Finally: A girl's "hoe phase" might seem empowering but for guys they see it as a threat.

Thanks to the wonderful millennial encyclopedia that we call Urban Dictionary, we have a definition behind this certain life style: A phase in life which occurs when a girl goes around social settings exploring herself, committing promiscuous acts and connecting with random people. For girls, it seems pretty damn empowering, doesn't it? For us it's a chance to let loose, to live a lil bit more and to run around as independent women. Nothing wrong with that of course.

But for guys to perceive this type of lifestyle, they see it as a threat which could arise if they form a relationship with you. It's simple logic here. A girl who's in her "hoe phase" is more likely to be unfaithful since they're always out and about with this person and that person. Put it this way: a guy doesn't care if you're a hoe—but he only wants you to be HIS hoe and not everyone else's. So you might think that it's a great way to express yourself and to enjoy your college years, but keep in mind that it could possibly be holding you back from taking the next step with your casual FWB.

Elle Hong
Elle Hong

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