9 Things I Gained When My 34B Turned Into A 34-Free

9 Things I Gained When My 34B Turned Into A 34-Free

It’s crazy how ridiculous people act over a woman embracing being just that... a woman.

I remember being in third grade when the first comment about my weight plummeted me into a pit of embarrassment. It was in the middle of class when we were discussing our ancestries and when my teacher mentioned whales, some kid blurred out, “Is that where Cassie’s from because she’s so fat?” The classroom erupted with laughter, so I ran out of the room and cried in the crusty bathroom stall.

I had always been overweight ever since I was young, and it wasn’t until middle school that the pounds finally seemed to start shedding off. I was starting to become a young woman, and it started to show — fast.

The chub eventually toned to curves, and all of a sudden I found myself needing to upgrade from a training bra to wearing an actual bra — the day I had been waiting for since I was a little girl.

For years following that transition I always felt as if I had to wear a bra or it wasn’t socially acceptable. To not wear a bra was seen as horrendous where I’m from, and so it wasn’t until I graduated high school that I stopped caring and wearing, and I haven’t had a regret since.

With losing the bra I have gained so much more, and here are a few of the greatest lessons I’ve learned since beginning my journey:

1. You will get stares, and many of them will be glares

It’s crazy how ridiculous people act over a woman embracing being just that... a woman.


Once you get over the initial shock of freedom (in other words the awkward nipping and bouncing experienced) having to wear a bra will feel like a chore.

3. Anyone who has an issue with you going braless is not worth your time in the first place

They're a natural, beautiful part of a woman's body. Not to mention, your mother did not breastfeed you only for you to grow up and hate on boobs. C’mon now.

4. The see-through shirts will get you every time

At this point, I don’t even want to know the number of strangers that know the color of my nipples.

5. Bras are ridiculously expensive

Okay, not everyone is as materialistic as me and can probably find a bargain bra for under $10. BUT, if you’re like me and many other women I know, we like to buy branded bras like Victoria Secret or Calvin Klein, both of which carry a pretty price tag of sometimes over $50! Now think back to all of the bras you’ve purchased in your lifetime...I’ll let that one sink in.

6. Going braless is empowering AF

You have rebelled against the convention of needing to wear a bra, you can now do anything. Consider yourself a superhero. Extra badass points if yours are pierced.

7. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows

Just like with your hair, your boobs have bad days too. Some mornings you wake up and lefty is looking a little lopsided, or righty is looking a little rattled. We have all had our own days where we’ve needed a break, your girls are no different. Throw on a big hoodie and give ‘em the day off.

8. Your boobs are not the same size

Don’t freak! It’s completely normal to be asymmetrical and it’s nothing to be ashamed about. The bigger boob is just a bully and picks on the other one, making her feel small. It makes complete sense if you think about it.


...which is exactly why yours don’t deserve to be hidden behind a bra. Let the ladies loose!

Cover Image Credit: Instagram | thenobraclub

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

I Have Never Had A Boyfriend And I'm Still Living My Best Life

I'm living the best life I've had in a while.

I have been asked quite a few times in my life growing up if I have a boyfriend. I’m lucky that it hasn’t happened at the dinner table during the holidays just yet, but I would be subtly asked about it. The answer is always the same, and it has been for the past couple of years:

No, I don’t have a boyfriend. Yes, I am OK with that.

I have had crushes since I learned what puberty was. Actually, my first one was third grade when one boy in my class had hair that looked like Zac Efron from "High School Musical 2." I would learn later in life that he’s an asshole.

There have been more as time went on, and none of them I’ve dated. Being honest, I’m OK with that.

Yes, I know I’m 19 and I probably should’ve had my first boyfriend at this point, but I haven’t and it’s OK. I learned as I got older that I have been successful in my life so far without one.

I’ve been living my best life without one.

I’ve done a lot of successful things that I could mention that have been some of the happiest moments of my life, and all of them were not related to a boyfriend.

Of course, writing this so close Valentines Day, I would think the be a little iffy about finding that someone. But in reality, I’m still waiting for that special someone. It just hasn’t happened yet. I know I will have heartbreaks in the future, but I think that God has plans for me to succeed in my own doings first.

So for the time being, life is great for me. I am having the time of my life so far, and I don’t need a man by my side.

Cover Image Credit: 123rf

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11 Reasons Chocolate Deserves Your Love And Affection More Than A Boy

Ever had a taste of true love?

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and the daily reminders are more prominent than ever.

Storefronts are decorated with red and pink hearts, all supermarkets have highlighted their top-selling sweet tooth faves and movie theatres have announced the much-anticipated premiere date for 50 Shades Darker.

Now, while my friends and I are all for love and romance, the positive connotation that accompanies this holiday is often times overshadowed by the fact that us soloists will be remaining solo during its 24-hour time slot.

Is this really a bad thing though? Our dogs have proved to be more loyal than half the male population anyway. Chocolate?

We can't forget chocolate. These are eleven reasons why chocolate is better than boys and we're not even complaining.

1. There are no secrets with Chocolate.

All calories and ingredients are printed and labeled. Instead of wondering and guessing, you know exactly whats going on.

2. Pre-approved by your family.

Your favorite chocolate is already one step ahead of any guy holding first place for great manners, thoughtfulness and a permanent invitation to all family gatherings.

3. Pre-approved by your friends.

For all we know, you and your friends have already exchanged chocolate with each other because you all know chocolate is the real symbol of love.

4. Chocolate knows exactly how to make you feel better.

Chocolate hits all the spots. Feeling sad, chocolate can turn that frown upside down anywhere, at any time.

5. Chocolate will NEVER break your heart.

You never have to worry about being cheated on, dumped out of the blue, disrespected or replaced. Your chocolate is loyal to you and only you.

6. The only "top" your Chocolate will ask you to take off is it's own.

This goes for dates, snapchats, and facetime ladies.

7. You'll never get enough of each other.

No need for the "I think we should take a break" talk or the "I just need some time to, (as they say) clear my mind"...

8. Chocolate never fails to keep things exciting.

It's like falling in love like you did for the first time, each time.

9. Chocolate won't ever tell you what to wear.

Chocolate will never make you feel like less than itself. Chocolate will always encourage you to be yourself, to love yourself and to live your best life.

10. Chocolate show's its appreciation towards you on a daily basis, not just on Valentines Day.

That's right. Chocolate will show you how much it loves you all. the. time.

11. Chocolate is always on sale the next day.

The best part is, you can restock on forever love the day after Valentines Day too.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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