We all have that best friend that has been there for us no matter what we are going through, and we know that they will never leave our side. Chances are, though, you haven't thanked them in a while for being the absolute greatest best friend in the world. So here's a couple of things we could probably all thank our best friend for.

1. Thank You For Always Being Down To Get Food

This one may not seem serious, but it definitely is. There's comfort in the fact that you know you won't be the only one going to get food late at night, a.k.a. getting fat. That's what best friends are for, though, so thanks BFF for those late night T-Bell runs.

2. Thank You For Having Jam Sessions With Me In The Car

I know that every time we get in the car together, it's going down. Whether it is jamming to T. Swift, Justin Bieber, Jana Kramer, or really anything, we are going to scream at the top of our lungs and pull out our best dance moves. Honestly, I couldn't imagine a car ride without one of our famous "concerts."

3. Thank You For Listening To My Stories

Even though you've probably heard the same story five times, you still sit there laughing and smiling like this is the first time you heard it.

4. Thank You For Believing In Me

I know my insecurities tend to get the best of me, knowing that not matter what you've got my back and you know I can do it means the world. Even when I don't believe in myself, you believe in me so much that I don't really have to. You give me the confidence I need when I need it the most and you don't know how much it means to me.

5. Thank You For Telling Me That Guy Isn't Good Enough

Even though half the time I don't believe you, knowing that you believe he isn't good enough and that there is someone better out there gives me hope. You make sure I have the best guy standing by my side, and I know that will never change. Eventually (I hope) there will be a guy that meets the standards you have set for him, and I know he'll basically be the one because no guy has been good enough yet.

6. Thank You For Crying/Laughing/Hating Life/Being Weird With Me

No matter what mood I'm in you either understand or in that same mood as well. If I'm super upset and have no clue what to do with my life, I know I can just come sit on your bed and cry it out. If I want to cry at proposal videos I definitely know you'll be down because we love love. When I can't stop laughing at the dumbest things, it's okay because you're probably laughing that hard too. If I hate life or people, you're hating the same things. And when we're together, it's always weird and people judge. But do we care? Heck no.

7. Thank You For Being My Person

Sometimes I don't even know how I'm feeling or what to say, but I know I can just give you a look and you totally know what I'm saying without saying it. You know all my secrets, all my fears, all my joys, the things I love most, the things I can't stand, yeah...you know it all. And even though you know it all you don't judge or leave me. You have stayed by my side and continued being my person. Actually, you knowing all these things about me has made us closer.

8. Thank You For Loving Me

No matter how the day goes, what we say to each other, how long it's been since we've last talked — I know that we'll end the day still loving each other. I know there isn't really anything that can stop us from being best friends. So, thanks for loving me. Thanks for being there. Thanks for everything you do.

I know I don't tell you thank you as much as I should. But know that even when I don't say it, I'm thinking it. I wouldn't trade our friendship for the world and I am glad you're my best friend. Thank you for staying by my side.