It's that time of year again and while it's quickly approaching, here's a not-so-friendly reminder that it's not here yet.

While I don't condone playing the music yet or watching the movies but we can at least think about the approaching season. Because thinking is different from doing. (Though, full disclosure, I caved and ordered the Christmas blonde roast at Starbucks. But it's OK because it's really just super good coffee. It's not like it's one of the elf flavored drinks I'm choosing to boycott 'til December 1).

So now that we are thinking about the holiday season as a whole, you might be freaking out about being single.

I get this side of the argument, I really do. Every other commercial is an engagement one (most of which make me cringe because if someone proposed to me that way I'd probably say no, but somehow I still get a little jealous). You are going to be surrounded by family members asking you if you're seeing anyone. You might be coming to terms with being attracted to your cousin's fiance or something like that.

It was bad enough wishing you had someone to take you pumpkin picking. Now people are hanging things from the ceiling reminding you that you have no one to kiss. Rude.

Putting all that aside, I'm here to say let's not be negative! Yes, there are downsides to being single during the holidays but I think there are major upsides we don't talk about as much. Like the fact that...

1. You can eat as much as you want without worrying about it.

Imagine you were in a new relationship and you bring that person to Thanksgiving. You best believe you're not getting that second slice of pie you know you want. Without bringing a significant other to this meal you can act like the human garbage can you are and go ahead and get your third (fourth or seventh) plate of food!

2. You won't get asked awkward questions from a S.O.'s Aunt Susan.

As enjoyable as it might be to be in a relationship, by being single you don't have to deal with your boyfriend's aunt asking if you guys have adult sleepovers on the reg. No awkwardness, someone asks if you're single, you say yes, they say why but you're so cute, you say I know and life's one big mystery and everyone pours another glass of wine. It's simple to be single.

3. You don't have to worry about buying a holiday gift for them.

The biggest upside of being single during the holidays is not pacing around the mall wondering what in the world to get this significant other. How invested are you? What's the price range? And these are the reasons Brooks Brothers is a mental breakdown hotspot. If you're single, you don't have to fake liking the present they give you if it's awful. Now if you're really in love you might be looking forward to buying this present, but even if you are... it's hit or miss.

4. You can spend holidays with your family and your family only.

Why would you want to spend the holidays with someone else's family? As soon as you start being part of a couple your time with your family gets majorly sliced in half with a machete. Maybe you don't like your family but I really like mine, so this is a huge upside for me.

5. You can ring in the new year focused on loving yourself and your friends.

New Year's Eve can hit hard but the midnight kiss is such a small portion of the night. Take that money you would have spent on that present and buy yourself a nice bottle of champagne! Think about the new year and your goals! Dance with your friends.

If you're feeling depressed about being single for the holidays try focusing on the people in your life you do get to spend the holidays with instead and enjoy every moment of it.

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