I've Never Had A Valentine, But That's Never Stopped Me From Being In Love With Valentine's Day

February 14th is a day couples overcompensate on big time. They give each other lavish flowers, chocolates, and gifts that would make you think they're celebrating some sort of anniversary. Nope. Just Valentine's Day, nothing out of the ordinary.

Instagram is going to vomit sentimental pictures and on Twitter, couples will be tweeting about just how happy they are to have found "the one." Do I sound like I'm painfully single and petty? I know I must sound that way because I am, in a sense.

I've never had a Valentine, and it's something I can say that I've always wanted. I definitely sound like a jealous hater, but that's far from the truth.

I'm an absolute sucker for Valentine's Day.

The love I can see between couples really comes out during this time of year. Everyone reflects on their partner and how much they've brought into their lives since they started seeing each other. I think the excessive presents and lovey-dovey language on posts is a tad too extra for my taste, but I still think it's still cute none the less. Buying gifts for those we love is one more way to show how much they mean to you. But, it's not all about the gifts of course. The whole point of the day is to be with your person and enjoy their company.

I love the color red for its symbolic meaning of passion. The passion you feel for the person you're with is something unfathomable to anyone except the two of you. While I can say I've felt that passion with guys in the past, it was never to the extent of those couples in actual, mature relationships. Embracing the passion of the color red is something we can see in stores everywhere. Clothes, candy, and more all colored various shades of red beckoning us to buy them for ourselves or for our significant others. Take that passion and say something amazing or go on a spontaneous trip to watch the sunset. The materialistic tendencies Valentine's Day ushers out of some couples should be pushed aside for passion, love, and thankfulness because there are plenty of us out there who don't have anyone to say goodnight to.

I love the idea of love and it's amazing that we have a designated day for it every year where everything comes to fruition. Loving whoever you want to love is the message Valentine's Day has always sent, and in 2019 that message is as clear as day to all. Love is what keeps relationships alive when hope seems lost and allows humanity to do the amazing things we have accomplished for centuries.

Yes, I'm jealous I'm not getting any gifts or romantic tweets about how much my imaginary boyfriend loves me. That being said, I'm so happy for those who do, and I only wish them the best in their relationships. Valentine's Day is a day we should all loves ourselves and those important in our lives, and I'll always love it for all that it stands for.

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

10 Valentine's Day Facts To Send To Your Crush—The Rest Is History

From secret marriages to pet Valentines.


Behind the bouquets of roses and candy hearts are years of history behind these Valentine's Day facts.

5. One theory for the origin of Valentine's Day was secret marriages in Rome​.

One theory for the origin of Valentine's Day was in Ancient Rome, when Emperor Claudius II made it illegal for men to marry, as he claimed single men made better soldiers. Apparently, St. Valentine performed secret marriages, for which he was executed on February 14th.

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7 Signs Your Single Friend Might Be Better At Dating Than You

They might be dating geniuses and you don't even know it.


We all have a go-to friend who gives THE BEST dating advice. Somehow, whether they're single or in a relationship, they always know just what to say. Pretty soon, you can't help but wonder if your single friend might actually be better at dating than you...

1. Their advice is the best and you ask for it quite often.

Don't get me wrong here, asking for advice to someone is always a good thing because others may offer a clearer and more objective perspective of your relationship problems. However, if you are constantly recurring to the same person in order to get advice and that person happens to be your single friend, then you're probably not the best at making your own decisions like he or she might be.

2. They are more selective than you are.

Sometimes if you stop and wonder why they are not dating a lot or anyone for that matter, you may think they are either weird or questioning their own sexuality. Truth is, they're actually just looking for a person they know they can have a long and stable relationship with, and as you may know, those are kinda hard to come by.

They don't simply try to date anybody they've just met because they know their chances of making it work are slimmer than dating a person they know well. In short, they are more selective because they know what they want whereas you may not just yet.

3. They helped you find your current girlfriend/boyfriend.

Because they also probably know you better than you know yourself, they are also the best wingmen or real-life Tinder matchers. More likely than not, they probably helped you or contributed to finding your current lover. They might have helped you choose between one person or another or they might have simply made a suggestion on why you should date someone and you went ahead and followed it.

If you think about it, I'm sure you might remember a time or two when they were right in those kinds of situations.

4. They are not clingy.

After dating several people for a while and having experienced a lot of things, it is almost inevitable that sometimes negative thoughts will pop-up in your mind such as jealousy, the possibility that your counterpart might be cheating on you, or the need to do everything with them because you don't want to lose them. This sense of attachment and fear of losing your counterpart might suggest you to be with your couple all the time.

But in reality, giving each other space to breathe is essential, especially if you want to have a good relationship. Your single friend probably understands this concept better than you because since he or she has been alone for a long time, he or she probably values his or her time alone more than you do, making them less susceptible to be clingy.

They know that balance is key.

5. They are better at learning from their own mistakes than you.

If you think about it, dating is a constant cycle that revolves around screwing up and then making up. For this reason, when you're in a relationship, you always get the chance to always keep learning from the mistakes you make—whether that is by not dating someone who's crazy like you did in the past, or by not letting your significant other be too controlling or manipulating.

However, for some reason or another, your single friend seems to never fall for the same thing twice. This most likely means they learned something and they are probably going to take more precautions when considering other dating prospects. By the way, this also explains why they tend to be more selective.

6. They are more independent.

Don't know if you have heard this before but usually, people who are more independent and confident are overall more attractive than those who are not. Knowing how to be independent is a key characteristic in both life and dating. But when you've been dating a little too much and have not spent some time alone, you're probably lacking in this area. Mainly because by dating too much you can unconsciously develop a feeling of dependence upon someone else that your single friend most like does not have.

7. They understand timing and its effects.

If you have dated multiple people you probably know what I am talking about. At times you may find yourself in a situation where you seemingly find the ideal person to date but you can't because you either live far away from each other or either one of you is going through a situation that is not allowing you to date. This problem is quite relevant among relationships but a lot of people foolishly chose to date anyway while knowing they will probably won't be able to hold a sane relationship.

Single people, including your friend/s, have probably seen how this affects other people's relationships and they want to take no part of that. Thus, they avoid going for those kinds of relationships altogether because they rather invest their time in something that has greater chances of working out.

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