February 14th is a day couples overcompensate on big time. They give each other lavish flowers, chocolates, and gifts that would make you think they're celebrating some sort of anniversary. Nope. Just Valentine's Day, nothing out of the ordinary.

Instagram is going to vomit sentimental pictures and on Twitter, couples will be tweeting about just how happy they are to have found "the one." Do I sound like I'm painfully single and petty? I know I must sound that way because I am, in a sense.

I've never had a Valentine, and it's something I can say that I've always wanted. I definitely sound like a jealous hater, but that's far from the truth.

I'm an absolute sucker for Valentine's Day.

The love I can see between couples really comes out during this time of year. Everyone reflects on their partner and how much they've brought into their lives since they started seeing each other. I think the excessive presents and lovey-dovey language on posts is a tad too extra for my taste, but I still think it's still cute none the less. Buying gifts for those we love is one more way to show how much they mean to you. But, it's not all about the gifts of course. The whole point of the day is to be with your person and enjoy their company.

I love the color red for its symbolic meaning of passion. The passion you feel for the person you're with is something unfathomable to anyone except the two of you. While I can say I've felt that passion with guys in the past, it was never to the extent of those couples in actual, mature relationships. Embracing the passion of the color red is something we can see in stores everywhere. Clothes, candy, and more all colored various shades of red beckoning us to buy them for ourselves or for our significant others. Take that passion and say something amazing or go on a spontaneous trip to watch the sunset. The materialistic tendencies Valentine's Day ushers out of some couples should be pushed aside for passion, love, and thankfulness because there are plenty of us out there who don't have anyone to say goodnight to.

I love the idea of love and it's amazing that we have a designated day for it every year where everything comes to fruition. Loving whoever you want to love is the message Valentine's Day has always sent, and in 2019 that message is as clear as day to all. Love is what keeps relationships alive when hope seems lost and allows humanity to do the amazing things we have accomplished for centuries.

Yes, I'm jealous I'm not getting any gifts or romantic tweets about how much my imaginary boyfriend loves me. That being said, I'm so happy for those who do, and I only wish them the best in their relationships. Valentine's Day is a day we should all loves ourselves and those important in our lives, and I'll always love it for all that it stands for.