When you love someone, it is important to love them in the way they receive love.

And when it comes to loving someone whose love language is acts of service, you don't have to spend a ton of money on them, just pick something from this list and do it. They'll appreciate it more than you know!

1. Make them breakfast in bed.

Is there anything else that screams, "I care about you, a lot." than getting out of bed earlier than they do to make them breakfast?

2. Take the dog for a walk.

3. Cook their favorite food for them.

4. Put away their laundry.

I absolutely hate putting laundry away. I'll do laundry all day long, but putting it up? Forget about it! To have someone put laundry away for me, that would be an absolute dream come true.

5. Make the bed.

6. Make them coffee.

7. Do the dishes and put them away.

8. Plan the date night.

If your significant other is the one who usually plans date nights, surprise them and plan the date night. They would love knowing that they get to spend time with you and also not have to plan everything out.

9. Have lunch delivered to their workplace.

10. Complete a house project that's been on their list for months.

11. Grocery shop for them.

12. Leave a note in their lunch bag.

I think this might be my absolute favorite, leaving a little note in your significant other's lunch bag reminds them that you are thinking about them and brightens up their day.

13. Volunteer for a cause or organization they care about.

14. Pack their lunch for them the night before they go to work.

15. Ask them what they need and do it for them.

Usually if someone asks me what I need to get done, I'm not shy about listing things off. So to know that someone listens to me when I speak and then does something about it makes my heart, and other Acts Of Service hearts happy.

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