"Not all cities were created equal," said me, but also Apartment List's latest survey on The Best Cities for Singles 2019 (or at least it sort of said this, I'm not quoting verbatim). But based on my personal experience of being single in New York City, I can tell you firsthand I am not surprised it didn't make the cut — or at least the top 10.

Because let's be real, with dating apps becoming the most popular way to meet people in cities like New York, it's easier and easier to "ghost," "haunt," and whatever other annoying things those who are out here dating can relate to. It's bogus, so with cuffing season upon us, Apartment List is sharing a list of the best cities for you to move to if, of course, you're looking for love.

To determine the ranking of the best cities for single men and women, the apartment renting platform took into account data on dating and social satisfaction, as well as dating affordability and percentage of singles in each city. In the end, their list looked like this:

10. Alexandria, Virginia

9. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

8. Boston, Massachusetts

7. Minneapolis, Minnesota

6. Arlington, Virginia

5. New Orleans, Louisiana

4. Bloomington, Indiana

3. Washington, D.C.

2. Madison, Wisconsin

1. Atlanta, Georgia

Honestly, though, I would go as far as to say I am surprised New York didn't at least make the list of the worst cities for dating in the United States. Instead, Providence, Rhode Island (12.92% satisfaction), New Haven, Connecticut (12.84% satisfaction), and Palm Bay, Florida (10.72% satisfaction) came in the bottom three spots with the lowest satisfaction percentage.

Tough luck for the singles looking to date in those cities. Seriously, bless their hearts.

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