Love them or hate them, you have to admit condoms are the most affordable and easily accessible forms of birth control, especially among college students.

You are always just one drug store trip and five dollars away from safe sex, and with condoms being one of the only forms to protect you from sexually transmitted diseases, there is a case to say they are the way to go.

Just like everything in 2018, everyone has opinions on everything so I asked college students about their preferences on condom brands and this is what they said.


"Trojan, I love the different options they offer!" - Female, 22

"Trojan Bare Skin, trust me." - Male, 19

"None, but when my fiance and I did use them we used Trojan, we tried other brands and they would always break! But the Trojan ones would stay put!" - Female, 20

"I SWEAR by Trojan Bare Skin. I've tried ONE, other Trojan styles, a whole bunch. Trojan Bare Skin is the only one that's felt the best for myself and the guy. They're lubricated super nicely. Obviously, as is the case with every condom, if it's going for some time and what not, it dries out, so you get another one or use a lubricant." - Female, 22


"Lifestyles are my go-to because they're usually cheaper than Trojans and I have never had an 'uh oh'." - Female, 18

"When I use condoms, I use Lifestyles in the THYN type since it feels the closest." - Male, 22

"Lifestyles, you can get a pack of 30 at Walmart for 8 bucks!" Male, 20

"Not a fan of them (I have an implant for birth control) but when I do use them, I like Lifestyles. I have no idea why... I think they feel smoother." -Female, 20


"SKYN is part of Lifestyles. I like those, mostly because of the packaging." - Male, 19

"My Fiancé and I use SKYN as I have a latex allergy. So far, they are the closest thing to not wearing a condom" - Female, 19

"SKYN. Why? Because I already have 2 tiny humans. Just kidding... They feel the best." Female, 23

"I like the SKYN brand that's non-latex because of my latex allergy. The Trojan non-latex ripped a lot last time." - Female, 22

"My favorite is the SKYN brand. They're not latex, they feel the most natural (to me at least), and I've never had an issue with them tearing." - Female, 24


"ONE! We used to use Trojan but they broke all the time. My school gives out ONE for free so I grabbed a few and we haven't looked back! They're very comfortable, have never broken, and have a lot of fun styles. We really enjoyed the glow-in-the-dark ones." - Male, 20

"I like ONE - they have a lot of varieties and I've never had them tear." - Female, 18

"ONE, because they're funny and have unique textured ones, and they're cheaper." - Male, 18

"ONE, because I love the designs and they're so easy to hide in my purse or card holder. I would have never picked them up if my RA didn't hand them out, though." - Female, 20

Anything Vegan

"The chemicals in every brand I've tried have ruined me, there are "vegan" condoms that don't have chemicals tho" -Female, 19

"Sustain Condoms. They are vegan, all natural, fair trade, cruelty free, and you can buy online. Lol they also have a subscription that you can take part in!" - Female, 20

But what sums it up best

"Each vagina is different so you may have to test a few!" -Female, 23

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