20 Sad Country Songs For When Chad From Theta Apple Pie Won't Text You Back

While it might not be the end of the world, it sure is fun to have a dramatic soundtrack to get you through.

I love being over dramatic and acting like I am heartbroken by listening to these sad country love songs after things with a guy doesn't work out. So if you are anything like me I hope you find this playlist relatable and kind of funny.

1. Either Way - Chris Stapleton

"I used to cry and stay up nights
And wonder what went wrong
It's been hard
But hearts can only do that for so long"

Okay Becky, you're like totally being dramatic right now, but go ahead and act like your husband of 8 years just left you for that hot yoga instructor.

2. You and Tequila - Kenny Chesney

"'Cause you and Tequila make me crazy"

Let's be honest, tequila is probably the reason you started talking to Chad in the first place.

3. More Like Her - Miranda Lambert

"I should have held on to my pride"

Miranda Lambert is queen of country heartbreak!!!!

4. Drowns the Whiskey - Jason Aldean ft. Miranda Lambert

"And the thing that really gets me
Is how your memory drowns the whiskey"

Pro Tip: stay away from alcohol unless you want to cry over chad for 45 minutes!!

5. When Someone Stops Loving You - Big Little Town

"When someone stops loving you
It don't make the evening news
It don't keep the sun from rising, the clock from winding, your heart from beating"

Okay, so you totally didn't love Chad, but you loved the attention!!

6. Unlove You - Jennifer Nettles

"My heart can't unbreak
I can't unfeel how it felt"

Literally can't unfeel how it felt to be left on read!

7. One Number Away - Luke Combs

"And I'm one number away from calling to you
I said I was through, but I'm dying inside"

When Jessica takes away your drink because you're one sip away from drunk texting Chad.

8. Different For Girls - Dierks Bentley ft. Elle King

"It's different for girls when their hearts get broke
They can't tape it back together with a whiskey and Coke
They don't take someone home and act like it's nothing
They can't just switch it off every time they feel something
A guy gets drunk with his friends and he might hook up"

Preach Dierks!!

9. Heartache That Don't Stop Hurting - Jason Aldean

"I've been here a bunch of times
It all starts with the same old lines it's over, baby it's over
Nothing about it ever feels good
It knocks you down just like it should
But it goes away it always goes away
Something about this time feels different
It's like I'm in a fight I'm about to lose

This might be the heartache that don't stop hurting"

This song is so beautiful, even if you'll be over Chad in about three hours when Brad from Sigma Chi Tea invites you to his date night.

10. Tomorrow - Chris Young

"We're like fire and gasoline
I'm no good for you
You're no good for me"

11. She Wouldn't Be Gone - Blake Shelton

"If I had loved her this much all along, maybe maybe, yeah maybe
She wouldn't be gone, she wouldn't be gone"

At this point Blake Shelton is even looking better than Chad, at least he is a romantic and friends with Adam Levine.

12. Better Man - Big Little Town

"I know I'm probably better off on my own
Than lovin' a man who didn't know
What he had when he had it"

His loss anyway, sis!!!

13. Do I - Luke Bryan

"Would you rather just turn away and leave me lonely
Do I just need to give up and get on with my life"

These are the questions I need answers to.

14. I Found Someone - Blake Shelton

"Even though I'm moving on
It don't mean that I don't still love you

And you'll always have
A place here in my heart"

Mood after you agree to go on a date with Joe from Kappa Kappa Cupcake.

15. Space Cowboy - Kacey Musgraves

"You can have your space, cowboy
I ain't gonna fence you in
Go on ride away, in your Silverado
Guess I'll see you 'round again
I know my place, and it ain't with you
Sunsets fade, and love does too"

When you're being a mature adult and realizing that you want Chad to be happy and have space but you're still a yeehaw kinda sad about it.

16. All Too Well - Taylor Swift

"Hey, you call me up again just to break me like a promise.
So casually cruel in the name of being honest.
I'm a crumpled up piece of paper lying here"

Thanks for making me feel like a piece of wrinkly paper, Chad.

17. Another Dumb Love Song - Jessie James Decker

"This might be another dumb love song
Cause I know you've been moving on"

The fact that Jessie James Decker had to date like a million Chads before getting Eric Decker makes all this worth it!!!

18. Just Another Thing - Maren Morris

"You're just another mess, another late night call I shouldn't be making
Just another high, another one night shot I shouldn't be chasing
I got my excuses, no I don't know why I do it but
You're just another, just another thing I shouldn't be doing"

When you answer Chad's 3 am "u up" text.

19. The More Boys I Meet - Carrie Underwood

"I close my eyes and I kiss that frog
Each time finding
The more boys I meet, The more I love my dog"

This song is a whole ass mood.

20. Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)

"Every storm runs, runs out of rain
Just like every dark night turns into day
Every heartache will fade away
Just like every storm runs, runs out of rain"

Because at the end of the day you will remember Chad is a stupid boy and you are a strong, independent, beautiful woman.

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

Deal With A Cheater Like A Boss With These 5 Tips

Many of us know how it feels to be cheated on... but how do we fix it?


The worst kind of pain is when the person you invested in and loved betrays you. I've had my share of experiences when it comes to infidelity and wanting to believe it was the last time.

1. Stop blaming yourself

Usually, after finding out your significant other cheated, you immediately ask yourself "what did I do wrong?" But the only person to blame is the one who actively chose to betray your trust. If they love you, there is no excuse to cheat.

2. Don't take them back

Being the girl who got back together with the guy who cheated on her, I can say it only hurts more in the end. We inevitably had the same fights and the trust was gone. Not all repeat their mistakes, but most cheaters never change.

3. Improve yourself 

Although you should never blame yourself, it is important to look at what went wrong in the relationship and work on what you can improve with the next person. Everyone has flaws and bad habits and identifying them will benefit you and your next relationship.

4. No communication 

We all know how tempting it is at 3 a.m. or when you're tipsy, to look for their number and send a quick "hey" but all that's going to do is give your ex more power and ability to hurt you again. I don't want to be cynical but nothing good ever comes from texting your ex no matter how long you were together or how much you think you loved each other.

5. Remember the good times but that's it

It's so easy to feel resentment and anger towards someone who threw away your love but try to remember the good moments and leave it at that. At one point in time they were your everything and although things have ended, look back on them as a positive, learning experience. It makes moving on so much easier.

No matter how many articles you read, the only way to feel better about your partner cheating is to let them go. I promise you will be okay again and find someone who appreciates you.


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9 Benefits Of Having Your Heart Broken, In Case You Can't Think Of Any Right Now

On this other side of the heartbreak comes finding yourself, and maybe a new fish in the sea.


Trust me, through the tears you'll one day be able to see the benefits of having your heart broken.

1. You'll re-discover your self-worth

It shouldn't take a tragedy to know what you're worth, especially if mama raised you right. However, it is often difficult to comprehend how much you're worth when you're in a toxic relationship. For example, toxic relationships can teach you that "you ain't worth shit" and take an even greater toll on how you view yourself. After breaking ties with someone who was a constant outlet of toxicity, you'll slowly begin to realize that you are worth something more than to be someone's punching. You'll come to terms with the fact that you are worth more than he can ever see. I see it, trust me.

2. You'll re-learn how to be genuine

After a nasty break up, a mutual break up, and even an un-exclusive break up, you'll realize that only genuine people can fill your gas tank of life. You'll realize that genuine people will ask you how you are or how your day went because they truly want to know. Their conversations won't feel forced or awkward. It'll feel natural and you'll be able to see the glow in someone's face if they're genuine. You'll also re-learn how to be a genuine person. Breakups are damaging but they are also a time for you to learn more about yourself than ever before. With bad breakups comes a lot of thinking. You'll re-think about how you handled situations and arguments and what you could have done better. But that doesn't mater. What matters is that you learn how to better yourself into being a genuine person, genuine lover, and genuine soul. It's achievable, I promise. But, also note that you don't have to break up with your S/O in order to rediscover the meaning of being a genuine person.

3. You'll re-discover yourself

It always seems that after a breakup women claim to find themselves. I believe that it is in moments like this we find ourselves because the person we clung to for so long is now gone. The person we thought we needed by our side to accomplish even the slightest task is no longer, well, by your side. You'll realize that although he's gone and you're alone that there's a whole side of you that you didn't know existed because he consumed your life, personality, and willingness to find your true self. You'll feel an overwhelming sense of freedom and this sense of freedom will open your mind and soul to the things that you never imagined. Post-breakup discovery is powerful and important.

4. You'll realize mom is always right (and sometimes dad)

Post-breakup meltdowns are a thing. You'll want to be cliche and crawl into bed with your mom and girlfriends while eating your body weight in ice cream, crying. And you will do this and mom will be there to be your support system. While supporting you, mom will slip in a few words like, "I told you so" "I never liked him anyways" "I could see he wasn't good for you right from the start" and other common phrases. You'll become upset that she's pointing this out while you're in a place of delicacy. But, once you conquer this day and reflect, you'll be able to see that maybe mom is right. And maybe sometimes mom knows what's best for you. And maybe, just maybe, mom has some experience with men so she can tell more about them than your fragile nineteen-year-old self could.

5. You'll discover that men suck

This is just obvious. As women, when men mess something up, we are quick to say that they "ain't shit" and that they're ungrateful and overall suck. It's an automatic response from women in a cruel attempt to soothe friends. If women say that men, specifically your ex, ain't shit, then eventually we think that we'll believe it and move on. During this delicate time you'll realize that not all men suck. Just your previous man sucks. You'll also discover that while your previous man sucked, that there are a few good fish in the sea, just look at your dad.

6. You'll develop a new appreciation for time

Hopefully you'll be able to develop a new sense for time because of how the grieving process works. Yes, there is a grieving process for breakups. You'll realize that the more time that passes, the better you feel and the stronger you become. You'll realize that you can use this time of healing to work on you and to focus on you. This is probably one of the more important benefits of having your heart crushed. You'll realize that it takes time to build trust and love, but only seconds to destroy it. From this you'll also learn that because shit happens in the blink of an eye, to take a step back and appreciate things a little more frequently. You'll re-learn the true meaning of "thank you" "I love you" or even "How are you?" Because over time these dainty phrases become just words and are meaningless. You'll see that with time, things fade and with time, things blossom.

7. You'll be free

Specifically, if you were in a toxic relationship you'll come to see that the chains that held you down are broken. You'll see that now, it's just you against the world. It's all about you, and what more of a feeling is that than free. In order for birds to fly, they have to be set free. You're free now, so fly. You have a new sense of worth that makes you want to do all of the things he said you couldn't. The things he didn't approve of. The things that made you less of a woman. Do them. You're free after all.

8. You'll see the sun on the darkest days

Perhaps the darkest day is the day that things ended. No matter what happens, you'll realize that after the darkness of the breakup passes that the sun will always rise. The storm will run out of rain. The dark will turn into day. Nothing lasts forever and you know that. Being mindful that nothing lasts forever will help you to find peace in knowing that it's okay to feel sad and dark and depressed because those feelings won't last forever. Those feelings will dwindle and the sun will come out. And when the sun comes out, grab a cup of coffee and sit outside while watching it rise. Then you too, shall rise.

9. You'll discover being alone isn't that bad

You'll hopefully see that you don't need someone by your side all of the time. It's okay to have someone by your side, but it is also important to know that being alone in your own presence is more important. You'll learn things about yourself and your own company you had never considered before. You'll learn to enjoy your own company and your own presence. You will learn that being alone is rewarding and feeds your soul. Above all things, you'll learn that being alone isn't a bad thing. It's encouraged as long as you're alone in a healthy way. Meaning you don't isolate yourself but rather you focus on fixing yourself and improving yourself on your own without the feedback of others.

All in all, heartbreak sucks. Having your heart ripped out hurts. And although there are many things that are hard to focus on while going through feelings of heartache, there is more that is bound to come out of it to benefit you than you realize. Keep your head high and know that you have benefits coming your way.

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