Date night (or day) in Phoenix, Arizona, is the perfect time to bring the heat to date night. The temperature is in the 70s and pool chairs are filling up, but that Southwest sun can't work alone! These romantic date night spots are sure to wow that special someone and make this date the hottest yet.

1. Watch the sun set from the South Mountain skyline

A Phoenix sunset is the best wingman you can ask for. Let the sky do the work, sit back, and enjoy!

2. Get in the spirit with the Biltmore's Happy Hour History Tour

Drinking in the name of education sounds like a fantastic Valentine's Day. Get to know your date as you get to know that bottle of Prosecco.

3. Sweat it out on Camelback Mountain

If you really want to see what your date is made of, sweating it out on Camelback is the perfect place to start. You'll either be broken up or incredibly bonded when you get to the bottom...a successful Valentine's Day if I've ever seen one!

4. Indulge in bread boards at Postino Wine Cafe

The most traditional equation for romance includes cheese and wine. I don't make the rules, that's just how it is. Choose one of the Valley's many Postino locations, ask your server for a recommendation, and share a bruschetta board (or two).

5. Let your love bloom in the Desert Botanical Garden

The Desert Botanical Garden is already a hot spot for weddings, you might as well add it to your romantic date night roster as well. It's a beautiful, calming way to spend an evening with someone special.

6. Take a spin at Compass Arizona Grill

Compass Grill will take you to new heights as you enjoy an amazing meal. Phoenix looks even better from up here.

7. Grab a beer and meet some birds at Perch Pub & Brewery

If you're looking to take a deep breath and relax with your special someone, Perch is the place for you. With over 40 craft beers and 50 tropical birds flying around, you're sure to be laughing and loving in no time.

8. Find an old book and a new flame at Changing Hands Bookstore

Changing Hands Bookstore doubles as a bar and coffee shop, so it really is a magical place. Learn about your date's favorite reads, share a new book together, and enjoy the atmosphere. You'll have a new favorite memory by the time you're ready to leave.

9. Take your relationship to the next level at Grasshopper Point

Sometimes getting out of the city is the perfect way to spend quality time with your S.O. Take a drive up to Sedona and enjoy the red rocks, cooler breezes, and an adventure together.

10. Let your heart soar at the Butterfly Wonderland

Butterfly Wonderland is one of the largest butterfly conservatories in North America, housing thousands of beautiful creatures ready to show off. It's perfect to casually wander through, enjoying the magic around you.

11. Change your perspective at Different Pointe of View 

Dinner and a view never disappoints, especially when that view is Phoenix Arizona. A Different Pointe of View may just be the exact thing your relationship needs, after all.

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