Dating can be really rough sometimes. It's not always easy to find your person in the world...unless your person was already right in front of your face the whole time. There's nothing I love about my relationship more than the fact that my boyfriend was genuinely my best friend before he was anything else. Here are just some of the perks of being best friends before you date.

1. You already know each other's quirks and habits

Like the fact that he snores, is awful at responding while playing video games, gets distracted easily and is all-around a slightly awkward human.

2. As well as their likes and dislikes.

Ordering food for him from just about anywhere is a breeze.

3. And you already know what they're like in relationships.

You've watched one another date enough to know exactly what they're like when they're dating someone. You also know what drives them crazy in relationships, which helps avoid fights.

4. Meeting the family is a walk in the park.

Chances are either you've already met them or you've heard enough about them to make things much smoother.

5. You have common interests and likes.

You'll likely never hear us argue over where to eat or what music to listen to, I can promise you that.

6. You don't get tired of seeing them.

Sure, they might still get on your nerves, but that doesn't change the fact you love spending time together.

7. Comfortable silences.

We can sit on the couch playing on our phones or doing our own thing and still be content.

8. Things are never awkward between you.

You don't care if I pick up tampons while we're out, do you?

9. No conversations are off limits.

Not even bowel movements.

10. You have fun together easily.

They can make the most boring things more interesting. Your sides have actually hurt from laughing so much with them.

11. No ones shocked when you get together.

When I told my other friends who I was dating literally no one was surprised at all.

12. Things are natural between you.

Being with my boyfriend is easier than it's ever been with anyone else before. We've genuinely cared about each other for so long and have been so close for years that dating just works. Nothing has changed between us; we're still best friends, just best friends that happen to be together.