I've truly met some of my best friends throughout my lifetime. A couple I've known since I was younger and some I met when I came to college. But to sum everything up, they've been there for me whenever I needed it... through breakups, cry sessions, and everything in between. My friends have never broken my heart and truly helped shape me into who I am today. I can never thank them enough for having my back.

But what I can say is this — my friends are better than any boyfriend I'll have for these reasons (and more):

1. You can always be yourself with them.

No need to put an act on in front of your friends. Honestly, the way my friends and I act around each other is absolutely crazy. I know for a fact people would be weirded out if we acted as we do in private in a public space.

2. They're 100 percent honest with you.

They'll tell you the truth on anything. Whether it's about a guy who's ignoring you or your going out outfit for Friday... they'll be real about it.

3. You can pig out with them.

Whenever my friends and I hang out, we always eat. And it's always unhealthy, but that's the way to do it.

4. There's no need to get ready for them.

Most of the time when my friends and I hang out, it's at one of our houses. So we're always in pajamas or sweats with no makeup on.

5. They're always down to hang out no matter what the occasion is.

We can either plan a night out to get food, or plan a night in and watch movies. They're always willing to do whatever.

6. They never bail on you.

Plans are always set in stone.

7. You can tell them ANYTHING.

For real. I can tell my friends anything and they won't judge me.

8. They always have advice.

Advice on everything... especially with boys which always helps a girl feel better.

9. The "talks" are absolutely irreplaceable.

Some of my best memories with my friends are the talks we have together.

10. They're always there for you no matter what.

My friends have been here for me since day one. They always have my back no matter what... even when most of the time we're making fun of each other.

To my friends: you girls are truly my rock and I don't know what I'd do without you. I love you forever.

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