If you and your significant other are anything like me and mine, your Instagram feed is beyond cluttered with you two repeating the same boring pose over, and over, and over again. As much as I hate looking at other couples on my feed who are also being extremely uncreative with their choice in posing, I find myself constantly taking the easy way out. However, there are SO many cute poses that are sure to give your Instagram a little bit more life and likes.

Here are 11 Insta-worthy poses to strike with your boyfriend or girlfriend:

1. Romantic eye gaze

This pose is not only the cutest, but it's also the perfect way to show off your outfit and the scenery. A triple win.

2. A giggly and fun candid

3. A goofy, but so cute, tongues out

There's no better way to show off a perfect combination of sassy, funny, and cute than a little tongue action (not in the gross way, though).

4. A forehead kiss and ground stare

This one is guaranteed to get all of the likes because it's literally the cutest.

5. A nice little side squeeze

This pose is definitely not too over the top mushy-gushy, but is hands down SO adorable!

6. Literally sweep her off her feet.

Disclaimer: this totally requires a lot of upper body strength but if you've got the background to make this work, by all means, it's worth it.

7. An extra romantic selfie

Instead of recycling your same snapchat selfies, step it up a bit with a cute, more romantic selfie. The closer the heads and the more giggles, the better.

8. An old-fashioned kiss on the cheek

Perfect mix of affection and modesty. Add that arm around his chest for even more likes and comments. So adorable.

9. An extra cute hugging pose

Take your classic hugging photo up a notch... add a little lift and a kiss... bingo.

11. A romantic 'just married' pose

Personally, I'd argue that this is the cutest pose ever and you can't change my mind. Either look at each other or smile for the camera and it will never lose its romance.