"Thank u, next" has become the song of the year. Not only is it a break up anthem, but it is also an empowerment movement in itself. With that being said, one of the greatest memes has also come from it. The "love, patience, and pain" meme has been taking twitter by storm. Everyone account from the office, to my own have been posting these memes. And they are all gold mines, here are the best ones so far.

This 1945 reminder 

This throwback 

The most crushing love story of our childhood 

Bill is love always 

For all the Spiderman lovers out there 


This red wedding reminder that no one asked for 

"How you doin'?"

And Sam is pain 

This social media truth 

The Sherk trilogy 

Carrie's loves 

Our middle school heart aches 

The one where Nick Miller taught us all love 

The best one yet....Michael Scott's women