Did you know Valentine's Day is coming up? Did you plan your date yet? Well, I asked 13 people what their ideal Valentine's Day date would be and this list will definitely help if you're still stuck on deciding what to do.

Luckily, you still have a bit of time left! Thank you to my friends who let me use their responses in this article. This is what they had to say:

1. "Well, A picnic on the beach with candles" - Rachel, age 25.

2. "Going to a concert together or a surprise date to the beach at night to watch the stars or getting sushi and going to the movies" - Alexa, age 23.

3. "I would have to say my ideal date would be a home cooked meal, to be honest. Last year my boyfriend got me sunflowers, chocolates, and then cooked me chicken parm (my fav). So something along those lines is my favorite. I like a nice home cooked meal and then ending the night with movies and chocolates" - Rachel S, age 23

4. "Maybe a home cooked vegan meal, staying in and watching a movie. Sounds cozy. Also, a thoughtful gift. Not necessarily expressive" - Shelby, age 25

5. "I’d like to take a private jet to Hawaii where we relax on the beach and then ride off on dolphins into the sunset" - Joe, age 24

6. "A nice dinner and relaxing at home watching a movie" - Michael, age 25

7. "Every day I’m with Michael is Valentine’s Day, Spending time with my him is all I could ever ask for. But if we are doing something special, it Involves some kind of activity like going to dinner at a special restaurant or going bowling, etc." - Emmy (Fiancee of Michael), age 24

8. "Romantic candlelit dinner at a restaurant on the beach then a moonlit walk on the beach" - Nichole, age 30

9. "Breakfast in bed is a must for Valentine's Day. Taking a day trip to visit something new like the aquarium, beach, mountain...Something we've never done together before. Maybe a nice home cooked meal afterward" - Anonymous, age 24

10. "Due to long distance relationship my ideal date is communicating exactly what we both want to do so that when we are together we can have the experience without wasting time guessing" - Teo Olivares, age 27

11. "A sunset beach picnic with a fire, champagne, and s’mores" - Thomas Monks, age 24

12. "Probably dinner on the beach" - Ilana K, age 23

13. "I would love to just grab a nice dinner (or cook a nice dinner) and cuddle at home over a movie or series or something. It's been a long time since I've had something simple like that" -Anonymous, age 24