How do you ~jingle his bells~ during the holiday season?

A lot of quickies.

During the holiday season, there is very little time for couples to have some private, intimate time that they need to stay healthy. Between traveling and the awkwardness of staying with family members who may hear your naughty activity—it's a lot. But the holiday season is also about being connected to the person you love and finding time to be intimate with each other.

The holiday season is also a very romantic time of year, so it only makes sense that you'd want long, passionate lovemaking sessions (and you CAN fit in a few) but quickies are another alternative when you need to be close but don't have the time for more.

Quickies during the holiday can also add fun and spontaneity to the relationship by finding sexy places to get that quickie going.

I know what you are thinking: where and when do you have a quickie?

On the long drive to your parents house.

And you pull off and try some quick car sex out. Just make sure you are alone and not going to get arrested for public indecency because that would ruin it a little bit.

When you are home alone because somehow you got THAT lucky 

But you know you won't be home alone with your S.O. for long so you get down and dirty before anyone even walks in the door. And then you get lucky in more than one way.

Or when you are single and ready to mingle.

And by mingle I mean you grab a quickie with the hot guy who you bumped into under some mistletoe or the cute new friend your BFF invited to the Friendsgiving.

There are so many ways to have a quickie and stroke your sex life into staying healthy and heated.

It's always fun to switch things up and have fun. The holidays are stressful and a quickie can be a good, fast way to relieve some of that tension and keep your relationship fresh.

How do you keep your sex life healthy?

Easy, you check your naughty list and strike off a quickie.