In case you're behind (yes, behind) on making your Christmas list this year, consider putting a "weighted blanket" at the very top. Whether it's for yourself or a friend. Because when Santa checks twice and sees you on the Nice List, he's going to want to bring you the greatest gift of all. And no, I certainly don't mean a boyfriend — that guy's on the Naughty List.

Here are just 10 of the reasons a weighted blanket must be on your Christmas list this year. Because yes, it really is better than any boyfriend you could cuff this season.

1. The only pressure it will put on you is extra comfort and warmth.

Try: Nest Bedding's Luxury Weighted Blanket ($129.00)

2. It'll always come to bed with you.

Try: Weighted Idea Bamboo Cooling Weighted Blanket ($105.00)

3. And it won’t judge you for eating in bed.

Try: HomeSmart Weighted Throw Blanket ($59.99+)

4. It'll hug you whenever you need it.

Try: Hug Bud Fuzzy Weighted Blanket ($109.99)

5. It will lie on you, not to you.

Try: LUNA Weighted Blanket ($149.99)

6. It'll watch whatever YOU choose on TV.

Try: Esinfy Soft Weighted Blanket ($49.99)

7. It'll never break your heart.

Try: FRK Weighted Blanket ($79.62+)

8. So it'll be with you for every "cuffing season" to come.

Try: Gsleeper Weighted Blanket ($45.99+)

9. You don’t have to get it anything for Christmas.

Try: EDILLY Weighted Blanket ($59.99+)

10. It's perfect.

Try: Gravity Weighted Blanket ($249.00)

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