It sounds so crazy. How could you ever be friends with the girl that shares something so personal with you? The person that has memories with a person who once was so close to you. I can't lie, at first it was hard. To see the person I loved with someone else and seeing him be so happy without me, it stung. However, it didn't sting for long.

You see, it's easy to hate the girl that your ex-boyfriend goes after when you two break up, but in all honesty, it's not her fault.

I quickly realized that hating that girl was going to do nothing but drain me. He wouldn't suffer if I hated her, so what was the point? I quickly came to terms with the fact that the negative feelings I had towards her would do nothing except make me miserable. It was after that realization that I had an idea.

Of course, I stalked her on social media and learned as much as one can from a Twitter profile and realized, she was a lot like me. That's the thing, these girls that your ex-boyfriend goes after almost always have something in common with you. After realizing that, I swallowed my pride and sent her a message saying "hey, so you used to talk to my ex and so I creeped and followed you but I actually read some of your tweets and we're really similar so instead of being petty I just wanted to say hi." After I sent that message, we ended up adding each other on Snapchat and now we hang out all the time.

You see, hating other girls doesn't get you anywhere. It's easy to want to hate someone who has what you once had, but there's a reason that you don't have that thing anymore, and that reason is not her fault.

I get that there are always certain situations that are beyond being able to result in a friendship, but you'll never know until you try. You owe it to yourself to remove the negativity that you control from your life. Who knows, you may be like me and gain a new best friend.