We are one of a kind, which is a blessing and a curse. We are the girls who only know how to love with all we've got and sometimes it doesn't work out in our favor, but maybe someday someone will appreciate it.

We all have a big heart and a complicated mind.

We care so much, and we know it's not always good, but we do it anyway because that is all we know.

For all of those big hearts out there, I know that people do not always see eye to eye with your ways. Your motives may often get misconstrued and abused if the keeper of your soul doesn't know how to handle the size of your heart, I'm here to tell you it is okay.

Here are 6 reasons why our love is so much stronger than others:

1. Our hearts are wide open.

We fall in love fast and we fall in love hard. From that point on, we give it all we got without a second guess.

2. We forgive way too easily.

This in itself is a blessing and a curse, we will always forgive those who have hurt us. Maybe it will take two hours, maybe it will take two years... but we will always forgive.

3. We appreciated absolutely every little thing that is done for us...

and yes that is probably followed by tears. You remembered my favorite ice cream? *tears* You cleaned while I was gone? *tears* You made a Facebook post about me? You guessed it, *tears*

4. People think we are just naive, but we are actually knowledgeable of everything.

We just choose to see the best in people.

5. When we get upset we are beyond difficult.

At this point, it's just best to be there when but only when we ask, because chances are we are just going to get more upset and there is no controlling these emotions.

6. Our hearts will ALWAYS win.

No matter what, our hearts are always going to trump our heads, we just learned to deal with whatever comes our way.

Our head versus our hearts is a paradox all within itself, but no one will ever show you love like a person with a big heart.