Ghosting: The act of suddenly ceasing all communication with someone the subject is dating, but no longer wishes to date.

I can almost guarantee that everyone reading this has had this happen to them. I'll admit it. It's happened to me too. I’m just curious why it’s so bad? Honestly, I would prefer this overhearing,

“yeah… I just don’t like you anymore."

I can hear the roaring mob coming at me now to burn me at the steak, but guys I was just like you. I get it. It hurts. Sometimes people just can’t tell you how they feel and the only way they can get across how they feel is to say nothing. That's their way of handling. I'm sure they're not laughing in their room saying "ha this will show them" when they don't answer you. One day I realized I've done it. It's the same as when you avoid telling your parents you failed a test. You know something is wrong but you don't want to fess up.

I once met a guy on a dating app (I know SHOCKING). Things were going great. We would just talk for hours in my apartment. We had gone into Atlanta to go to his favorite restaurant and see a show. All wonderful. He even invited me to go see his band play the next month. I’m sure y’all have caught on to where this is going.

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I tried to make plans and he just wouldn’t answer. But guess what! 6 months later and we still like each other’s things on Instagram and we congratulate the other on important things. I know it’s hard to not hold grudges. But we're all adults and we can move on.

Ghosting is NOT a reflection of your worth.

It is time we just accept they don't like us. It will be okay. And honestly. It is okay to be a Ghost.