It had been months since the breakup. The breakup that left me hurt, confused, and guarded up. But I was happy again. I was surrounded by the best friends and the greatest God. I was being filled daily with joy and friendship and distraction.

I had zero intention of dating again anytime soon.

I was in my own happy world, focused entirely on myself, my future, and my happiness. Then you came along.

You were kind, protective, respectful, and goofy (I saw your stellar dance moves on day one). You were gentle and easygoing and mature. You were everything no guy had ever been to me. We clicked after a couple hours together. But I still thought nothing of it other than a new friendship.

I was focused on myself, my future, and my happiness. And after the last breakup, I was pretty sure a boy did not fit into that equation.

But you never left. We kept talking, sharing stories, morals, life goals, challenges, embarrassments, achievements; the walls I put up began to come down. I found myself confiding in you and you became my best friend. Isn't that the best kinda love? Isn't that what everyone tells us? Fall in love with your best friend?

Well, here I was...slowly, unknowingly, falling for my best friend.

I know everyone's always saying "the best love happens when you aren't looking." And I know that can seem so cliché or unrealistic or hard to do and be patient about, but it couldn't be truer. Because when you're so caught up in life and friends and your happiness, you're allowing God to play matchmaker.

You put away all judgment and wishes and just live. And that's where the real magic happens. It comes out of nowhere when you least expect it, but at the perfect timing, because He put it in action - not you.

So to the boy who showed up when I wasn't looking - I didn't know every little thing I deserved in a guy until you were placed in front of me. I didn't know someone could be so handpicked by God.

I didn't know love could so effortlessly fix what love had so recently broken. But what I do know is, I wasn't looking, and I'm pretty sure you weren't either, but God sure was. Looking out for us, the love we both deserve, and the things we're going to tackle together. I love you.