If you want to save yourself from heartbreak and getting hurt, then sometimes, girl, you need to tell that boy you've been talking to for awhile bye and try to tell a new guy hi, because if a boy texts you any of these eight texts, it's time to leave.

1. "Hey are you free?"

If you get this text only every once in a while, it basically means he only wants you when it's convenient for him and not for you.

2. "I don't know what we are."

If you don't know and he doesn't know them maybe it's time to see other people.

3. "I don't want a relationship but I like you."

This is straight up confusing and will annoy the hell out of you - don't put yourself through that.

4. "I've been REALLY busy."

Yes, I see you've been really busy on your snap story and Facebook. If you can't take four seconds to text me back and only tell me that you're busy when you're clearly not, I'm not going to stick around long.

5. "Well, I'm still going to talk to other people."

If you've been talking romantically, this is a big red flag. Run, girl, he's going to play your feelings like a board game.

6. One-word answers of any kind

This is just plain rude and awkward - how am I supposed to keep a conversation? I'm not, so bye.

7. Not texting you

Again, we see you on that snap story and posting to Facebook. Why can't you answer my text? The world may never know.

8. "Don't tell anyone/your friends"

Another red flag that could mean he's embarrassed to be with you which you don't need. Tell that boy bye and tell a new one hi.