When you've gone through many many crappy guys in a short amount of time, you start to see patterns. But then some guy comes along and breaks all that.

1. Wanting him to meet your friends. 

Mady Neal

You just want people to see how good he is for you.

2. Wanting him to meet your family.

Bobbie Hall

A scary step, but if the fam approves, things are going well.

3. Doing cute couple things.

Bobbie Hall

Cooking together, shopping together or just being together really.

4. Being OK with him not posting about you on social media.

Bobbie Hall on Facebook

In a good relationship, each person understands if the other wants to post a lot about the relationship or none at all.

5. Realizing that you're insecure for no reason. 

When you're around him, you're still insecure, but he's so validating that over time, you feel that might go away!

6. Smiling whenever you're with him. 

Bobbie Hall

It doesn't even matter if you're interacting. You can't help but be incredibly happy.

7. Smiling whenever you think about him.

Bobbie Hall

Because honestly, he does the sweetest things.

8. Really, just smiling more. 

Bobbie Hall

it's nice to feel supported always and it overall just makes your day better.

9. Remembering what it's like to be cared for. 

Sometimes you have to go through some really crappy boy situations to be mature enough for a good one. But once you find it, the feeling is amazing.

10.  Realizing that you don't need to please anyone but yourself. 

Bobbie Hall

When you really find a good guy, you won't feel the need to always put him first. You know he won't care when you take some time for yourself or friends.

11.  Going on study dates. 

Because grades are important.

12.  Not worrying about how you look.

Bobbie Hall

He's seen you at your best and worst, and he doesn't seem to care either way.

13.   Wanting his friends to be your friends.

His friends are a part of who he is, and dang, they're actually super fun!

Once you find a non-trash boy, hold on to him with all your might! They're hard to find!