I've been with my boyfriend for about a year now and there are some things I've learned. He loves history documentaries, listening to EDM music is his favorite and...

He is NOT a morning person.

My boyfriend could probably sleep through an earthquake... if we're being honest. He is the hardest person to get out of bed in the morning. You try everything and anything and he just won't have it. While I love him, despite this constant struggle of waking him up, there are certain things that you should know if you also have a boyfriend who's not a morning person:

1. He will sleep through his alarms, ALWAYS.

You could turn up the volume as high as it can go. You could make the alarm ringtone a bomb going off, he'll still sleep through it.

2. OR he'll turn over just to snooze it.

Mine has the greatest habit of rolling over and clicking snooze and going right back to bed.

3. He'll set multiple alarms and snooze ALL of them.

4. You'll go to wake him up and he grunts at you.

5. Or you'll tell him to wake up and he says "I know."

6. Telling him breakfast is ready doesn't even get him out of bed.

7. Coffee won't get him out of bed, but definitely have on ready for when he does.

8. Taking the blankets off of him, does absolutely nothing.

9. Taking his pillow out from under his head, does absolutely nothing.

10. You know if you don't push his ass out of bed, he'll be late to work.

11. You tell him he's going to be late to work and he still doesn't move.

12. You'll get really creative with methods of waking him up.

13.  He'll probably get annoyed with the tactics you use to try to coax him awake.

14. Your sleep schedule will adjust purely to being able to get him out of bed.

15. Some mornings, you'll probably want to pull him by the ankles onto the floor.

16.  But you'll still love that sleepy head, no matter what. (More so on the weekends when you guys can sleep in)