I've lost count of how many days we've been locked up in the house, but we're here, taking it day by day and my boyfriend has yet to shave.

I understand why so many couples have been breaking up and even getting divorced during this quarantine season – you actually have to like one another. Listen, people are people, we can't always be best friends and when you're forced to be around one another 24/7, there are bound to be arguments and disagreements. There's nothing out of the norm about that.

Personally, I'm grateful that my boyfriend and I are clingy and choose to be on top of one another's toes on a daily basis. Whether we are separately studying, watching Netflix, or just staring at the ceiling, we like to spend our time together. This doesn't mean we never bicker, though. If we didn't, there would be something wrong. You're allowed to get annoyed with one another in relationships. Yes, really.

For instance, my lover's beard... Listen, I have nothing against facial hair, a little stubble here and there is sexy, but beards are just not my thing.

Since my boyfriend is no longer getting ready to go to work, he has decided to see how long his beard can grow. I know he can pull it off and he's handsome every which way. All I really want is for him to be happy and confident, but he has now found a way to use his beard to annoy me every five seconds. I'm a very touchy person, so I love kisses and hugs, but, now... every time I go for a kiss I'm greeted by stubbly, itchy hair. He has found joy in making me squirm and uses his beard to poke me and tickle me and I just can't.

And don't even get me started when he's going down on me. I don't know how you ladies do it.

I love every inch of my boyfriend even with the beard. I'd actually say I'm warming up to it, but, I had a dream the other night that I woke up to a shaven man. That's when I knew we had a problem. So, please, someone, tell him to shave!

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