To My Boyfriend, Thank You For Making Me Love Myself Before I Could Ever Love Anyone Else

To My Boyfriend, Thank You For Making Me Love Myself Before I Could Ever Love Anyone Else

I truly respect and admire the way that you love yourself, because it truly allows you to be the best version of yourself all the time.


My love,

I remember the first time I ever spoke to you quite clearly. I was only 18, and I was pretty clueless about most things in life, especially love. From the very first moment we started talking, you instilled a sense of calmness and trust in me that I had never felt before in my life. I knew right then and there that I could trust you and talk to you about my deepest, darkest secrets, and that not only would you keep them, but you would also be right there for me if I ever needed you. And then I needed you.

I'm not really going to go into a lot of detail at this time, but I was in trouble, and I really didn't feel like I could get out of it on my own. For days and weeks on end I came to you, asking you what you thought I should do, but you never really gave me a straightforward answer. You didn't want to make my own decisions, and so I gradually learned how to make them by myself. Every single time I spoke to you, I became stronger. You empowered me to become a better version of myself back then, and you still do to this very day.

At that point in my life, self-love was something I didn't quite understand, and to be completely honest with you, I didn't really have it at all. I thought I was ready to love you, and I like to think you were also ready to love right then. But you knew deep in your heart that I wasn't quite ready yet, simply because I didn't love myself. And if I didn't love myself, I would keep trying to rely on you to reassure me that I was worthy of being loved. The point here is that you didn't want that. You wanted me to be able to truly feel like I was worthy, with or without you by my side.

You just let time flow and you let me heal. You let me bloom and you watched me mature and grow so much in what feels like so little time now. And then, when I felt secure enough, I built up the courage to tell you that I loved you, and right after that happened, you asked me if I was sure. You really wanted to make sure I was okay with the choices I was making, and that made me feel incredibly protected. After that, I proceeded to tell you I loved you once again, and you finally answered that you loved me too.

Fast-forward to this day, three and a half years after all that played out, and I can honestly say I love you even more than I did that day. I truly believe that my love for you keeps on growing every single day, and that's only because of the fact that for over a thousand days you've taught me how to love myself, even on the hardest of days. And I'm not saying this lightly. I truly respect and admire the way that you love yourself because it truly allows you to be the best version of yourself all the time.

Now, that being said, I'm definitely not saying that I've learned all there is to know about self-love, and probably neither have you. But what I will say is that I want to keep learning about myself, about you, and about us as a couple for the rest of my life. I really believe that I'm the best version of myself when I'm with you, and I really love who we are when we're together. I can only hope that you will continue to choose me the way you've chosen me for the last couple of years, and if there's one thing I can assure you, it's that I choose you and I love you today, just like I have for quite a while now. I don't know what the future will bring, but if it's anything like the time I've spent with you, I already know it's going to be wonderful.

Thank you for absolutely everything you've ever done for me and taught me.

With love,

Your girlfriend.

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

15 Things To Call An Attractive Guy Instead Of 'Daddy'

Honestly, anything would be preferable

New millennial jargon seems to arise everyday, one of the newest being “daddy." While people have always said things like “sugar daddy" or “come to daddy" (which sounds a tad creepy to me...OK, a lot creepy), now just referring to an attractive man or one's boyfriend/husband as simply “daddy" has become the norm. *Gag*

I, for one, am utterly baffled by this “pet name," if it can be called such. I'd like to reserve “daddy" for my actual father, not someone I'd want to have a romantic relationship with or think is exceptionally attractive. Yes, I'd want a partner to have similar qualities to my dad, but I don't want them to be one and the same. With that being said, here are 15 things I'd rather call a handsome fellow — some normal, others strange, but all superior to the nauseating "daddy:"

1. Stud

"Grease" makes calling a guy "stud" one of the coolest compliments out there.

2. Hottie

Or a hottie lamottie with a swimmer's body.

3. A dreamboat

Maybe it seems odd to bestow the title of an inanimate object that glides through water upon someone you find desirable, but it's far better than the familial alternative.

4. Greek-god-like

If he looks like he's carved from marble and shines like the golden sun, then compare him to the stunning Greek gods to express how gorgeous you find him. Think about it, would he rather be almighty Zeus or "daddy?"

5. Romeo

Even though Romeo's end was not a happy one, at least he wasn't calling Juliet “mommy" before he died.

6. Love muffin

Yes, I'd rather he be a sweet, crumbly baked good filled with berries or chocolate chips than “daddy."

7. Babe

Classic. Just forget about the pig with the same name.

8. Prince Charming

This kind of charming:

Not this kind:

(Though Chris Pine is great.)

9. Bae

No, not the one attached to the ocean, or the Danish meaning of the word.

10. Good Lookin'

What's cookin'?

11. Hunk

12. Honeybunch

Culinary terms > "daddy"

13. Boo

Is he a ghost coming to scare you on Halloween? Is he the love of your life? Who knows? As long as he's not “daddy," I'm fine.

14. My precious

Totally, 100% creepy? Yes. Less creepy than "daddy?" Absolutely.

15. Boyfriend

Why not go old school and just call your boyfriend, boyfriend? (Or hubby if you're married.)

Note: if she had said "daddy," the audience would have mistakenly thought her actual father would come beat them up if they didn't comply.

Other preferable pet names include, but are not limited to: sweetie, snookum, baby cakes, dumpling, dragon, lamp, chair, butter, dirt, lake, pillow, blueberry, pencil, and literally every other word that exists in the world, excluding "daddy."

Cover Image Credit: fanpop

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9 Thank You's I Want To Give To My Boyfriend's Dad

You have become so much more than that.


An open letter to my boyfriend's dad:

To my lovely boyfriend's dad, your kindness has gone so much further than just that of your son's significant other. You have treated me like your own from before I even started dating your son. Your heart is full and it shows in everything you do. To say I wasn't nervous getting to know you at first would be a lie. I wanted to prove to you that your son and I were meant to be, and I think I did.

But along with that, I have so much to thank you for. Besides the obvious of helping your wife produce such a wonderful human being. You have done so much more. Thank you for...

1. The endless laughter.

I love the little inside jokes we have. When you do or say something wildly hilarious, and I'm the only one that catches you doing it. Those are moments I always cherish.

2. For being so supportive.

The boosts of encouragement, even those small, go a long way.

3. For always answering my questions, detailed.

One of my favorite things about you, is that when I ask you a question, you always give a detailed answer. It's as if, you think of what questions may come back to you after the answer to the first, so you give all the answers right away. Your knowledge is something I look up to.

4. Your strength.

Your son, who I love more than words can express, has always looked up to you for your strength. I have to thank you for that. My mother was always my biggest role model, partly because of her immense strength (mentally and physically.) It's nice to see that you share that same bond.

5. Your inspiration.

I speak for myself and your son when I say you are truly inspiring. He wants nothing more than to follow in your foot steps. He says if he can be half the man you are, he'll have accomplished something great. The inspiration you give him every day is something I can thank you enough for.

6. Dancing with me.

This may come as silly, but it means a lot when we dance together. Doesn't have to always be intentionally dancing next to each other at the dance hall, those moments dancing side by side mean a lot to me. I enjoy being able to dance alongside you, and learn from you as well.

7. For being a great teacher.

While you've mainly taught me dancing, you've taught your son so much more than that. You teach him everyday how to be the best man that he can be. Coming from the girl who lives with him and loves him, you have succeeded.

8. For taking part in making your son the man he is.

You have taught him (along with your wife) everything he knows. From how to change a tire, how to teach a dance, to how to treat a lady the right way. Your son is above and beyond respectful, courteous and one of the most kind-hearted people I know. I have you to thank for that.

9. For treating me as your own.

With my experience dating, I've usually gotten along pretty well with my significant other's fathers. But there's a lot to say about the ones that you are polite and respectful with and the ones that you could call at two in the morning for help and they'd be there. Most fathers will say hello to their son's girlfriend and laugh with them from time to time. Not many can truly share a bond with them. I'm blessed to say we do. You have treated me as your own from day one. Giving advice and lending a helping hand or a hug when the time calls for it.

Words can never truly thank you for all that you do. I am grateful to the highest extent for being my boyfriend's dad, but for being an overall exceptional human being. Thank you for the care and love you give. The love is shared right back.

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