I always wonder what I did to deserve you and how you put up with me 24/7. I don't say thank you enough, so here are the (many) thank you's that you deserve.

1. Thank you for making me laugh even when I say I'm mad at you.

2. Thank you for watching episodes up on episodes of shows with me (almost) every night.

3. Thank you for letting me be myself around you.

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4. Thank you for telling me that I have an attitude when I assure you I don't (but I almost always have an attitude anyway).

5. Thank you for always listening to me vent, rant, and complain.

6. Thank you for always sticking by my side, even when it feels like the whole world is against me.

7. Thank you for taking your time to earn my trust and never abusing it.

8. Thank you for opening up to me. I know it's difficult sometimes, but I'm thankful you trust me enough to do so.

9. Thank you for dealing with my crankiness when I wake up in the morning or when I've just had a really long day.

10. Thank you for your endless support and encouragement, especially when I'm doubting myself.

11. Thank you for taking the time to learn all about my (usually irrational) fears, hopes, and dreams.

12. Thank you for often telling me that you're proud of me.

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13. Thank you for making me laugh constantly, especially when I need it.

14. Thank you for letting me come to you with my problems and giving me advice and helping me sort those problems out.

15. Thank you for saying you're sorry because I'm too stubborn to say it first.

16. Thank you for knowing that sometimes it takes a lot of patience to deal with me.

17. Thank you for making me ridiculously happy.

I think most people spend their whole lives searching for what we've already found and for that, I'm thankful.