While most people are using Tinder for hookups, I was not.

I had recently left a three-year relationship and was really trying to find myself and the type of guy I was interested in. After dating someone for so long, you don't know what you want. I met several guys and even took up time with a few. I just tried to find what I was interested in.

I talked to several and even went out with them once or twice. The majority of guys wanted hookups or we decided being friends was a better option. I never thought I would find a relationship, but I certainly wasn't looking for a hookup.

While I wasn't finding any guys who seemed like my type or any guy who wanted more than to just hook up, I felt hopeless.

I felt like I just kept getting messages about hookups or those cheesy jokes I never responded to. I started debating whether or not I should delete the app, but then I changed my mind.

I matched with my now boyfriend.

He didn't message me something super cheesy or immediately ask to hook up. He just wanted to talk. We snapped quite a bit, texted, and talked on the phone. He begged and begged to take me out and I finally gave in. When we met, he never once asked about hooking up because he wasn't looking for that and I noticed it.

Now we have been dating for over a year and I would say it's amazing.

We always look at each other and laugh when people ask how we met. I wasn't looking for a hookup and neither was he. We weren't looking for anything but found each other.

I didn't use Tinder for a hookup, and I found my boyfriend. I'm so glad I swiped right!

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