College is all about fun. It's about going to parties and hanging out with friends and just having an overall good time. But possibly the quickest way to ruin your good time as a male is being charged with sexual assault. Not only will this charge follow you around for life, but it's a real, good 'ole way to not be invited to any future parties.

Lucky for you, here's a handful of simple steps for you to follow to ensure that you complete this coming welcome week and semester without ending up on your local sex offender list:

1. Don't drink more than YOU can handle.

Don't get blackout drunk so you can stay aware of what's going on. You won't make any decisions that you'll regret later.

2. Make sure she isn't drinking more than she can handle.

If she's drunk, she can't consent. If you want to hook up with her, maybe don't force feed her shots?

3. Don't feed a girl drinks.

Purposefully getting a girl drunk so she'll have sex with you? A low blow. And date rape, btw.

4. Don't spike a girl's drink.

Putting something in a girl's drink without her knowing is kinda shady. And a giant waste of time, money, effort, etc.

5. Don't touch her unless she says it's okay, PERIOD.

Do not grab up and grab her from behind to dance with her. Do not smack her butt as you pass. Simply do not touch her unless she says that it's okay first!

6. Don't pressure her to do anything.

If she says no or doesn't seem into it, quit bugging her. Her answer is no. Not consent.

7. Don't assume that she's consenting.

It's not hard to straight up ask if she wants to have sex!!!

Yes means yes. Any other answer means no.