You meet him and he seems like a sweet guy, and then you hang out one on one. You’re hanging out things are going great and then you kiss. That moment of bliss comes and you’re sky high and happy, a decent guy who’s interested in you. Then it happens the next day comes and nothing. You don’t hear anything from him and another day comes and still nothing and so forth.

He’s still viewing my story, why hasn’t he messaged me?

What did I do wrong?

You start going through phases, the first one anticipation. You’re anticipating that text or snap waiting for him to message you that he wants to hang out again. Then you go through denial that he’s going to message. He said he likes me we’ve been talking so maybe he’s just busy.

Then you realize he’s not busy. He’s not gonna message me he is ignoring me and what happened between us. You pretty much tell him to go to hell in your own way saying how you don’t care to your friends and how you can do better. You’re not gonna message him, think about him, or talk about him.

Then it hits. The sadness, you’re upset you liked him and he’s ghosting you. So what went wrong?

Nothing. You haven’t done anything, you went and put yourself out there and guess what he’s not worth the headache. You don’t need to sit around binge-watching “Shameless,” and eating pretzels. You don’t need to mope and hurt yourself more because guess what, you’re gorgeous and some guy is gonna find you one day and tell you every day how perfect you are. We all have someone and the day we find them, these boys ghosting us like they’re in middle school just won't matter.

He would never ignore you. On the contrary, he’ll probably tell you how you're the thing on his mind before he goes to sleep and he's not lying to you.

You are gonna be some lucky guy's dream girl and these boys just won't matter, trust me.

You’ll look back and realize the tears you wasted on them could have been for something so much more important. So try not to cry over these worthless guys. Yeah, it’s hard and I constantly tell myself I'm not, but do. But over time you can stop just realize how amazing you are, and know it’s their lost.