For some reason, society has fed us this idea that dates have to be at night at dinner or a bar. You come in with dark makeup, and heels, and it creates an entirely new image of yourself. But for a first date, it almost adds a new level of pressure and things can seem stiff and less relaxed after you've spent hours getting dolled up for cocktail hour.

One of the most underrated dates and the best way to get to know someone for the first time, is a breakfast date. And here's why.

1. There's no pressure

You get to just come in and be yourself. It's not a night of glam, but a chill morning of meeting someone new.

2. You don't have to be fancy

Again, this is just a chill day. Maybe it's breakfast or coffee in the park. Either way, you don't have to wear heels or a suit, you can come as you are and be comfortable. Nothing is more relaxing than not dressing up! I am pretty positive I rolled in my last date with bed head, and he still thought I looked great (or like, he was a suuuper good liar, which is also fine!)

3. It's inexpensive

Who said dates have to be expensive?!

Dinner plus drinks, plus a tip for the waiter, maybe dessert… it all adds up fast! Breakfast is on the milder side or maybe it's just coffee. You can get to know someone WITHOUT breaking the bank!

4. Breakfast food is amazing

Literally who doesn't like breakfast? Deciphering what to eat at an Italian restaurant or French place is far trickier than deciding between pancakes, french toast, eggs, or a sandwich. You're BOUND to find at least something you love there! Plus, mimosas are life. Enough said.

5. You have more time

If a dinner date goes well, you only have so many hours before things look like they're heading to a bed or the end of the night. And maybe you're not wanting to sleep with them. If you meet in the morning, you potentially have the entire day to hangout if you choose to let the day continue.

6. There's no pressure to have sex

And speaking of late nights, with a morning date, there's less pressure to end up in bed together. Maybe you're genuinely not ready for that type of relationship and that's OK! If you meet in the morning, there's barely any chance things would head that direction, so you don't have to worry about it!

Last but not least.

7. It's more light-hearted

Sometimes dinner dates can feel formal and they're very nerve-wracking. Plus, everyone around you can pretty much tell this is a first date. However, with a breakfast date, the atmosphere is much more chill and relaxed. It can be easier to be open and honest with someone in the light of the day, as everything automatically feels more relaxed.

Going on dates is always a good time and it's exciting to meet someone new and get to know them. Breakfast dates are not as popular as they should be. I am always a better person with pancakes and coffee! So, give it a go! Maybe your soulmate prefers mimosas over cocktails. I know I do!