Family holidays are something of their own breed sometimes. They're the days throughout the year that you're not sure whether you're overwhelmed, exhausted, thankful, or just flat out annoyed. It's a whole new level of stress when you're bringing a boyfriend into the equation though. The embarrassment and chaos spread outside of those related to you by blood and into your relationship –– the odds of what could happen are endless.

That being said, your family has expectations for the boys you bring home. They're probably your biggest critic. He might be the one if he can pass these 11 tests on his first holiday with your family.

1. Watching a football game and knowing who to cheer for

If he can finish the "O-H" with an "I-O" my dad probably is won over.

2. Holding the new baby cousin and making them laugh, not cry

It's never a good sign if he makes babies cry.

3. The handshake

A firm handshake with the uncles, grandparents and father is the key to a good start with the rest of the family. Word spreads quickly about a solid handshake.

4. Smiling for all the family photos

Someone always blinks, so I think this part of the night takes about an hour. Prayers for our jaws are appreciated.

5. Holding conversation with Uncle Bill about tractors and car parts 

This. This can be a real nails-on-a-chalkboard-sort-of situation. If he can say enough about nuts and bolts to make it seem like he's interested, you've got a good one, gal.

6. Do the kids like you?

I mean come on, its the cutest ever when he's making handshakes with little kids and running their hot wheels on the couch with your little cousin. *Heart eyes*

7. Remembering everyone's name (at least for the most part)

The bigger the fam, the better. Sorry babe.

8. Doesn't hate me by the end of the night

Honestly, the most important. You heard embarrassing stories from my lace-trimmed tank top under a justice crop top-One Direction-obsessed phase and still think I'm attractive? SOLD.

9. #CleanPlateClub

Nana will be so mad if you didn't eat her mac 'n' cheese. Honestly, I would be too.

10. No one calls him your ex's name


11. Making it through the question war zone

What's your Major? Where are you from? Play any sports? Y'all meet in college? You taking good care of my little girl? When's the wedding? How're you liking these here neck of the woods?