There are several rules in life that girls just know. It's the girl code, if you will. There are things all girls just get without being told. Some of these rules are:

Protect your friends if they date a douche (but do so subtly) and never tell them "I told you so" (at least until the hurt wears off).

Help a girl in an awkward situation (that creepy dude who just won't give up).

Watch your friend get in their house before you drive away.

Always listen to your friends vent.

NEVER date a guy who your friend called dibs on or has a serious crush on (unless it's Nick Jonas, because no code can overrule Nick Jonas).

But there is one cardinal rule for all women, don't take another girl's man. If you break this rule, you are a pariah and no girl will trust you...take it from the girl who did exactly that.

Yes, you read right. I broke girl code's cardinal rule and I dated someone else's man.

Honestly, there is no excuse for why I did it. There is no "he didn't tell me about her" because he did tell me and I didn't listen. There is no "it was just a hookup" because it wasn't...isn't. There was no "he doesn't love her" because he's lying. I know he is. I have no issues with the fact that he does love her. I would hope so after all the years they were together and the two beautiful children they have. I want him to love her and I know he does, even if he denies it.

My dad told me, you never stop loving the mother of your children. He said he still loves my mom and that gave me comfort because they made a life together. It wasn't a forever life but, for a time, it was a happy one. And now, years later...

He found his forever person, his fiancé and you can see it was meant to be and that things with my mom weren't supposed to last. What was supposed to happen happened, and he got my brother and I out of it. I know he doesn't regret a single moment because it led him to his forever person, whom he loves.

Here is one thing though, if I hadn't taken another woman's man...then they'd both be miserable because she'd be with someone who wasn't all in. And she deserves more than that. He deserves more than that. I hope I'm his forever person, but even if I'm not, I know this was supposed to happen. I may not believe in god, but I do believe everything happens for a reason.

I take no pleasure in the fact that I hurt someone, deeply. Even if it got me the guy.

But I do take pleasure in knowing that one day, we'll all find our forever people and finally be happy and get what we deserve.

Every time I look at my boyfriend's face, my heart speeds up and butterflies fly around in my stomach, giving me feelings of love and respect.

I broke the cardinal rule and I don't regret it. I just learn from it, each day, striving to find my forever person.

Who knows? Maybe my boyfriend is my forever person. There's only one way to find out.