I have been in a committed relationship for two and a half years now and sometimes it feels as though it is a long-distance relationship even though most of the year we're less than 30 minutes apart. This is because we both live super busy lives and realistically only have time for each other on the weekends.

It's been difficult, but we've managed to get through it. Over the years I have learned a few things that have helped keep the relationship happy and healthy despite not being able to see each other as often as we might like to. Here's what you should know to successfully navigate a busy relationship.

1. Create safe spaces.

Safe spaces are super important. They allow you to have a place to be yourselves and be alone together without the rest of the world involved. It gives you space to reset and reconnect. My boyfriend and I have established rooms or places where we go to just be together as a couple and not have to think about anyone else.

2. Make communication a priority.

When you can't see each other a lot, communication can be hard. But you need to make it a priority in order to stay on the same page. Send text messages and talk on the phone, especially when you misunderstand something. Learn how the other person communicates. It will make the hard times a little easier.

3. Make time for each other.

Not seeing each other gets rough. I get it. Even if it is setting time aside for a phone call, set aside time for your partner to make sure they still know you're there. Maybe take time to send them a sweet message they weren't expecting. Make time for them in any way you can.

4. Understand that there will be time apart.

There will be days or even weeks when you can't be face to face. You have to understand that it comes with the territory and it makes the time you are together even more special. Use that time to focus on other things and remind yourself you will see your partner in no time.

5. Show love in little ways.

Good morning texts can go a long way in order to show your partner you love them. My boyfriend and I send each other a good morning text every day when we wake up. Halfway through the day, I send him a text to remind him to have a good day or that I love him. It's the little things.

6. Try to establish a routine.

Establishing a routine you can look forward to will help keep your relationship on track. Whether that's scheduling a date night or a phone call to give you something to look forward to.

7. Don't be upset if the routine falls through sometimes.

Sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day and that's OK. You can't get mad at your partner if the routine falls through or you miss a day or two of communication. You'll be on track in no time.

8. Understand that there needs to be time for friends and family, too.

Time for each other is important, but time for your friends and family is as well. Their free time isn't solely for you. Take time to hang out with your family or talk to your girlfriends. Take some time for you. But just remember there are many people in both of your lives who need your attention too.

Keeping up a relationship is hard. Keeping it up when you're super busy is harder. So don't make it harder than it needs to be.

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