"Call Her Daddy" is a podcast from Barstool Sports that has gained enormous attraction in the past year. In a nutshell, every woman in her prime dating age needs "Call Her Daddy." Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, two young girls in their 20s, release an episode every Wednesday, getting crazy personal about their own lives, sharing fan stories, and giving the best dating and sex tips all women have been wanting to hear.

Here are 10 things you've DEFINITELY thought if you're a member of the Daddy Gang:

1. You felt like you had to go to church after listening to them for the very first time.

Even though Alex and Sofia were speaking straight facts, and you had thought of the topics being discussed before, you felt like you had to get down on your knees (in a different context than Alex and Sofia had probably just talked about) and pray.

2. You've taken their advice at least once, but probably much more.

Whether it's sex advice or how to catch a cheating man, Alex and Sofia always bring some critical thinking skills to the table.

3. You find Alex and Sofia hot.

I know I'm not the only one who is completely in love with not only their personalities, but their looks.

4. You wish your partner(s) would use Roman Swipes.

Let me just channel my inner Alex and Sofia really quick. "Guys, do you want to last longer for your girl in bed? Guess what? We want you to. If you're lasting three minutes we want you to last eight. If you last 10 minutes we want you to last 20."

5. Your best friend is the Alex to your Sofia (or vice versa).

The saying "every blonde needs a brunette best friend" is getting old. Now it's "every Alex needs a Sofia" as her best friend (Alex is blonde and Sofia is brunette, so the old saying still holds up, too).

6. You want to know what MILF Hunter looks like.

Episode 50 is when MILF Hunter first appears, and also confesses his body count is above 100. What does this man look like?

7. The Gluck Gluck 9000: You came, you saw, you conquered, and he came.

Much of this podcast is a "How To Have Sex For Dummies" without making it feel that way. The Gluck Gluck 9000 is a great how-to guide for such a thing.

8. If you've ever bought merch before, it's from "Call Her Daddy."

Who wouldn't want a hoodie that says "Voodoo Clam" or "Degrade Me" on it?

9. You instantly bond with other #DaddyGang members.

Whether it's some girl in the college dorm community bathroom freaking out when they hear Alex's laugh while you're listening to an episode in the shower (may or may not be from experience) or someone you've known a while, it's an instant connection.

10. You're more open to talking about dating and sex tips now.

If we've learned one thing from this podcast it's, let me hear it, GIRLS HAVE SEX TOO.

Alex and Sofia, no guy will ever be as loyal to you as your #DaddyGang members are. We love you!

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