13 Celebrity Couples Whose Love And Relationship Dynamics Are Actually Worth Swooning Over

I hate to be this person, but Hollywood has really left us with very few couples to actually look up to. Yeah, Kim and Kanye have great style and cute kids, but they just are not realistic to look up to. So many couples are so toxic, and it's hard to see true love blossom amongst famous people. Lucky for us, there are some celeb couples who have their shit together and know how to make a relationship work. Cheers to the couples who made it, and serve as great role models for how relationships are supposed to work.

1. Steve and Terry Irwin

The absolute OG couple so many of us grew up watching on TV. Steve and Terry Irwin took us all over the world wrestling crocodiles and swimming with sharks, but the most important thing we all saw through our TV's was the love these two had for each other. This is one couple I hope to model my future relationships off of because even in his death Terry still loves him just as much as she did when he was alive, and carries on his memory every day.

2. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

You can't go wrong looking up to these two amazing people. Chrissy is the type of gal to say what we're all thinking and not be ashamed to do so, and John is just John, all musical and kind. The love John and Chrissy share between each other is very strong, as evidenced by their two adorable children.

3. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

I know they aren't Jim and Pam but honey those days are over. Make way for Emily and John to melt your hearts. They have been together for eight years, and for Hollywood, that's quite a while. Imagine being in a movie with your significant other...a girl can dream.

4. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

I LOVE THEM. SO MUCH. Seriously cannot be more perfect than these two. They know how to joke around and have raised such adorable children. Ryan sure makes us ladies have super high standards for men since we're seeing how Blake is treated. If you're in a relationship and you can't joke around with each other...dump him (or her) sis.

5. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith

Their relationship has survived more than two decades of marriage and I don't foresee it ever ending. This is a couple who is very transparent about their marriage (both the pretty and the ugly moments) and have a great family dynamic worthy of looking up to.

6. David and Victoria Beckham

The King and Queen have earned their place on this list. Like the Smith's they have been together basically forever, and set the bar high. Bend it like the Beckhams or throw your relationship out.

7. Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams

I love these two, they're some of the sweetest celebs ever and deserve each other and all the happiness in the world. They are very supportive of one another and are much closer in age to a lot of us who are reading this article, so they serve as a great model for what a positive millennial relationship looks like.

8. Elton John and David Furnish

These two do so much for charity and have raised two wonderful sons together. Giving back is so important for couples to do as it brings them closer together. Find a cause you are both passionate for and go for it.

9. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

These women are such an inspiration. Ellen loves who she loves and was unafraid to do so. Fear holds us back from many things in our lives, but we should never be afraid to love who we want to love.

10. Prince Harry and Megan Markle

Megan is a rule breaker and so is Harry, so these two were just meant to be together. They are both fearless and strong, and already have baby number one on the way. They are so in love with one another and defied all of the rules of society to be together, which goes to show love wins over everything.

11. Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra

The wedding of the season, hands down. Her dress was stunning, and their love for one another shines even brighter. These two merged two cultures together through their relationship which I absolutely love. They do a lot philanthropically as well. All in all, many of us did not want Nick Jonas to marry anyone except ourselves, but Priyanka is someone we can all be satisfied with him marrying.

12. Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler

Austin and Vanessa are super cute, they have been since we were all young and wondering why she chose Austin over Zac Efron. I love how well they compliment one another and are super supportive of one another as well. Support is key and all of the couples mentioned are perfect examples of how support can carry you anywhere.

13. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

They finally tied the knot and I for one am so happy for them. Liam and Miley had countless ups and downs, but they still ended up coming back together in the end. Sometimes the timing is wrong, or someone needs to do some personal growth, and it's clear that true love won and these two finally became the best versions of themselves for one another.

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

You Don’t Miss Him Because He Was The One, You Just Liked The Feeling Of Thinking Maybe He Could Be

He wasn't The One, but I constantly told myself it was easier to settle for less than what I actually deserve.

Elle Hong
Elle Hong

Needless to say, in today's dating culture there's a thousand different types of relationships. Serious romantic relationships, casual relationships, almost relationships, one sided relationships, situationships—the list goes on.

At one point in our lives, we have (or will) experience an on and off relationship.

In a nutshell, on and off relationships occur where you and your partner stay together for a certain period of time, break up for a hot second only to get back together again.

It becomes this endless cycle: being together, suddenly breaking things off and then running back to each other which as a result, causes the relationship to get more and more toxic every time the cycle restarts.

And the thing is: you know he's the wrong guy for you.

You know that there's some other guy out in the world who can treat you better. But he makes sure you keep coming back to him, even when you both know that you aren't meant for each other.

Because every time the "off" stage of the relationship emerges, you get slammed by even the tiniest reminders of him, thoughts of past memories and nostalgic feelings which makes you feel incredibly lonely, and so you pick up your phone to shamefully text him "I miss you."

And then you run back to him, without a hesitation or a second thought, because you feel as if he's the only guy who gets you.

Who understands all your stupid jokes even if he doesn't laugh at them anymore.

Who calls you beautiful even if he texts twenty different girls the same thing.

Who makes you smile—even if it's only for a few days before the explosive fights start up again.

You keep going back to him, because you just want to believe that he is truly The One. That your perception of him as the bad guy is merely just an illusion. That all the deceitful things he did and said deserved forgiveness.

For me, I was involved in an on and off relationship over the course of two years which I broke off from a year ago.

But it takes so little for me to still remember him.

A song, an old picture of us that I thought I deleted, someone at school who just happens to have the same name as him, driving by the art museum where we had our first date.

Every time I think about him, it brings back a flood of memories—both good and bad. I experience this intense feeling of emptiness inside, which always forced me to run back to him, back to where I thought I belonged—next to him.

But it took me a while to realize that I didn't really miss him because he was The One. Rather, I missed the fact that he wasn't the person I wanted him to be. He wasn't this “perfect guy" whom I had created inordinate imaginations about in my head.

He wasn't everything I wanted in a significant other, but I constantly told myself it was easier to settle for less than what I actually deserve.

Every time I gave him that second chance, backed down during an argument and took his hurtful criticisms to heart, I still wanted to believe that he was The One.

I was wrong.

And slowly, step by step, I began to assert that.

I began to ignore his late night texts and those entreating phone calls of him apologizing for being such a jerk. I learned that no matter how happy we were whenever we got back together, it's only a matter of time before we start fighting again, start pointing fingers and berating each other until one of us gives up again and we're left going our separate ways again.

All those broken promises, emotional appeals, the inadequate “I love you's," I know better now than to fall for them again.

Because he's not The One for me. And no amount of second chances will ever change that.

So, here's to moving on for good. And to finding that perception of my “perfect guy" elsewhere.

Elle Hong
Elle Hong

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11 Thoughts You Have While Losing Your Virginity

Oh my god, it's happening!


Everyone has an idea of how they want the first time they have sex to be like. And while you might have this idea, and you might be prepared, you definitely aren't prepared for how awkward it can be. (Or for those awkward thoughts that are racing through your mind as it's happening.) So I surveyed former virgins about they were thinking about it when they had sex for the first time.

Here are all the thoughts they had when they lost their virginity:

1. "Is it over yet?"

OK, so this one was me. But it was so BORING. He laid there and didn't do anything, I was on top and I thought it was going to hurt but it didn't... I'll let you guys connect the dots. But anyway, I lied to him said that it hurt and asked if we could stop just so it would be over.

2. "I hope I'm doing OK."

Let's be real here though, this was probably everyone.

3. "This is happening. This is happening."

Probably everyones thoughts right when things start heating up.

4. "Well, this isn't what I expected. It's nothing like the movies."

Losing your virginity is nothing like "Fifty Shades of Grey." It's more like fifty shades of red from, embarrassment and putting in work.

5. "I hope it doesn't hurt—it hurts, when is this going to end."

I would bet that a lot of girls had this thought.

6. "He's not going anywhere."

I got a bunch of these comments.

7. "She's amazing."

Once again I got a bunch of these.

8. "This is happening fast."

It probably did, one minute you're putting on Netflix and the next you're naked...

9. "Do I really want this?"

If this is what you're thinking, just stop... yes even in the middle of it.

10. "I don't want this to end."


11. "Will I look any different?"

I mean you don't look like your orgasm face, but no you won't look different.

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