Having a major celebrity crush is a big part of being an awkward and prepubescent teen girl. So which category does your celebrity crush fall into? Whose face was on all of the posters in your room?

The guy from your favorite show.

Whether it's Jim from "The Office," Damon from "Vampire Diaries," or Steve Harrington from "Stranger Things," every girl has fallen in love with the protagonist from their favorite show. Be honest... that's why it's your favorite show!

The guy from your favorite movie.

It's impossible to watch "Catch Me If You Can" without falling in love with Leonardo DiCaprio. Or "The Outsiders" without falling for one of the gang members!

The guy from the boy band.

What's not to like about a guy who can get up on stage and sing his heart out with their best buds? The apple of your eye might have been Harry Styles from One Direction, Justin Timberlake from NSYNC, or maybe even Jesse McCartney from Dream Street.

The social media influencer.

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Maybe it was Cameron Dallas? Or, maybe the adorable David Dobrik? Or, better yet, Shane Dawson? The best thing about a celebrity crush on a social media influencer is that you truly fall in love with their personality, too!

The guy you like just because everyone else likes them.

I'm convinced that Brad Pitt's fanbase is made up of solely people that haven't even seen his movies. Your friend tells you that he's cute, you do a Google search, you agree that he's cute, and now he's your new celeb crush.

The comedian.

There's just something about a guy that can make you laugh... Who didn't love Will Ferrell or Jim Carrey at some point or another?

The athlete.

Built like Gods, professional athletes are the object of many girls' dreams. Tom Brady, Cristiano Ronaldo, and David Beckham are only a couple examples of the beautiful professional athletes that you might have a crush on!

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