In a Dove campaign, 92 percent of teen girls would like to change something about the way they look, with their weight being the highest ranked. If I participated in that survey, I would have been right there with the 92 percent.

I did a lot of things in my teenage years — a majority of the things I did consisted of me changing, physically and emotionally, to make my crushes like me.

It wasn't until I was 17 or 18 (so within the past year or so) that I realized I didn't need to change for them to like me because if those boys wanted to like me, they would have liked me for who I was. If I hadn't done these 8 things, I probably would have been happier.

1. Learned the rules of every sport known to man.

Given that my brother played sports and I played softball growing up, you'd think I would know a thing or two, but I really didn't so whenever a guy I liked showed interest in a sport, I hopped online and Googled "XYZ for Dummies." True story.

2. Became the loud and obnoxious girl.

My biggest regret, which is why I'm quiet and mellow now. I figured if I was louder, I would be seen more. I was seen alright, but not in a good way.

3. Started straightening my hair.

I ruined my natural hair pattern (along with the chemicals I would put in my hair to straighten it) to "look pretty" when I was pretty all along with my curly hair.

4. Starved myself to lose weight.

My weight has always been something I've struggled with, so imagine me at the young age of 13 liking a boy and wanting to be skinny for him. Skipping meals and eating less food wasn't the best thing to do, especially since I was still growing. I deprived myself of nutrients and I was always sick, which meant I missed school a lot.

5. Started wearing bright-colored clothes and makeup.

I always wore semi-bright colored clothes, but when girls would wear the bright pink "Simply Southern" shirts, I begged my mom to buy me some so I could fit in and get noticed. Not my smartest move.

6. Cut my hair.

I partially cut my hair when I was 15 because it was damaged from all the heat I would put to it and the hair dye I would use, but I mainly cut it so my crush would notice me with a new haircut (which didn't last long because my hair grew back within two months).

7. Listened to country music.

Another thing I regret. I am from the south, but my musical taste does not include country music, so I would have to hide the pain in my eyes every time a country song came on.

8. Became the mean girl.

I wasn't always the nice ray of sunshine I am today and that's because when I was younger, I felt I had to "humble" other girls who also liked the guy I had a crush on, so I would be super mean, catch attitudes, yell at them, you name it. Luckily, I never got into any physical altercations, but I realized that I was "protecting" a boy who wasn't even mine, so I gave up around the beginning of sophomore year and that's when "Mellow Lexi" was born.

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