From Beyoncé and Jay Z to Tristan and Khloe, we have all heard of at least one famous, media cheating scandal from time to time. However, cheating has been a common occurrence in today's media. If you ask me, it has been occurring a little TOO often. Recently, we have had major cheating scandals occur in the media from YouTubers Tana Mongeau and Brad Sosua, to royalty family's own William and Kate's recent cheating rumor. Cheating is popping up EVERYWHERE from the people you'd least expect.

Which brings me to my first point, these stories are talked about like they are "Breaking News."

These people cheated on their significant others people! This is not something that should be normalized and applauded. These people did something horrible and degrading to another person and we act like it's just another story for our entertainment. The whole idea of "celebrity cheating" is always controversial but for all the wrong reasons. People are quick to choose sides of their favorite celebrities instead of hearing both sides.

Just a friendly reminder: cheating is NEVER good, no matter who is involved.

They could be your childhood idol, your current idol, your past idol. At the end of the day, this person is a human being who hurt another human being in a selfish way. I would be absolutely devastated if my idol and role model turned out to be someone I don't agree with. However, after knowing that my beloved role model has done something like cheat, I would not be able to look at them the same let alone continue to support and admire them. Celebrities have this "untouchable" quality to them which at times means that people turn a blind eye to their wrong doings e.i cheating.

These people do not deserve your support or your free publicity.

The more we publish, debate, and celebrate people for their bad behavior the more we are reinforcing it. Someone remotely famous does a bad deed and in return we give them "clout." Cheating leaves someone feeling terrible about themselves and feeling like an idiot. Cheating makes people rethink their entire relationship and even blame themselves. That feeling sucks as is and I can only imagine how it feels to have the whole world also trying to add their two sense as well.

At the end of the day, people should remember the golden rule just like we learned in the first f*cking grade: treat people the way you would want to be treated.

Would you voluntarily want to be cheated on? Would you want someone you loved and trusted to go against that for another person? I really hope that answer is no. If you aren't happy in a relationship then break up with the other person first. The feeling of getting dumped is better than the feeling of being betrayed. Taking advantage of a person's love and trust is cruel and if you are someone who does that or supports that, I don't think you really understand the feeling or meaning of the word.