This week, I read an article about people who found out their S.O. cheated on them with their best friend. Appalled at the fact people actually do that I couldn't stop scrolling. How sucky of a person can you be to screw someone over so badly, especially someone both parties are supposed to love? That person not only feels betrayed by their partner but also their best friend.

Then on February 19, the internet BROKE. Reports piled in that not only did Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian break up but Jordyn Woods—Kylie Jenner's BEST FRIEND—hooked up with him soon after. Whereas Tristan technically didn't cheat, the betrayal is very real. Not only does Jordyn stay in Kylie's guest home, but Kylie's entire family—including Khloe—have treated her as their own flesh and blood. We all knew Tristan was a POS, but Jordyn, if the rumors are true, you messed up girly.

How low can a person be to hurt someone who trusts them? Someone who has supported them and loved them? I can guarantee Jordyn was there while Khloe talked about how badly Tristan cheating hurt her. If she wasn't, I am sure she heard about everything Khloe was put through firsthand from Kylie. So what I am failing to understand is why anyone remotely close to a person would hook up with their S.O. or even ex for that matter.

But that's the thing, most people won't understand because most people have somewhat of a moral compass.

If anyone has experienced this situation, rest assured karma will do its part. But sometimes karma takes time so here is a pep talk from yours truly.

If your S.O. cheated on you in any way, shape or form, they're the worst. Plain and simple. If they cheated on you with your best friend, well they're also the scum of the earth. Be happy that person betrayed you. It may take a while to heal, but that person has to live with themselves for the rest of their life. You will be stronger and you will move on and be happy. That person? Well, karma will get them, and not only that, but they're going to keep hurting people over and over again.

People like that either end up alone or completely miserable in a toxic relationship fueled by lies.

Unless they change, their future isn't very bright. Forgive, don't forget and move on to the bigger and better things you deserve.

But what about the best friend who stabbed you in the back. The funny thing about betrayal is that it comes from those who are supposed to love you most, the ones you trust. You never see betrayal coming, that's what makes it sting the most.

If someone is so heartless that they can hurt someone they love in that way, there are some major issues going on within them that need to be addressed.

Once you get past the pain caused by your best friend and S.O., honestly you should only feel bad for them.

That type of behavior is toxic and most people in their right mind will write that person out of their lives very quickly. That person is setting themselves up for a lonely life. Be thankful you no longer have to associate with someone who was so obviously working against you. Karma, again, will hunt that bish down.

I know it hurts. I know it's a betrayal unlike any other, but be thankful you aren't them. Move on. Thrive. Be better. Living well is the best revenge.

So keep your head up. Be THANKFUL you are not that type of person. Be THANKFUL you weeded out the bad in your life. Be THANKFUL their true colors have shown. Be THANKFUL you know who your true friends are. In the end, they're the ones who will hurt the most.