Growing up in the south, a lot of aspects of your life become normal to you. Things like saying “y’all”, loving the SEC, talking a little slower, and of course-the heat/humidity mixture that in the summer months makes you hate your decision to settle down here.

Another thing, especially as a girl, that I have become accustomed to is chivalry.

If you believe that chivalry is dead, go to a small southern town, and I believe your mind will be changed.

However, that doesn’t mean it is always the norm everywhere else, and those men who actually do it, may not always get the 'thank you' they deserve. So, to all the chivalrous boys out there, here’s your long overdue thank you.

THANK YOU to the boys out there who open doors for girls.

Whether it is a car door or a door to a building, you are appreciated. Yes, I can technically do it myself, but you going out of your way to do it for me even though you may not know who I am is pretty awesome. To any boy of any age who has ever opened a door for me, thank you so much, you’re great.

THANK YOU to all the fellas in this world who have lent me your jacket when I’m cold.

I know that if I’m cold, you probably are too, so the fact that you’re giving up your comfort for me is super sweet of you. Any man who goes out of his way to ensure the contentment of another person above his own contentment is a stellar human being, so thank you for doing that for me and other girls everywhere.

THANK YOU to the fine gents who have ever asked to carry something for me that was heavy, especially when you saw me struggling.

Neither of us probably wanted to carry that heavy object but I think you’re rad for offering. I honestly could have carried it on my own, but when you're willing to take some of the pressure off of me and put it on yourself, that means so much.

THANK YOU to all the boys out there who prove daily chivalry isn’t dead.

I realize that it isn't always the most convenient system on your end, but I, and many other girls out there, sincerely appreciate every chivalrous and gentlemanly act you've ever done for us. So thank you, and keep being wonderful.