It's common knowledge that Chris Harrison is the greatest guy to come out of "The Bachelor" franchise. For 23 seasons, fans have watched him go from cute young host to reality show icon, and he deserves every bit of the success he's earned.

Ever since his divorce in 2012, Bachelor Nation has hoped for a season staring Harrison himself. I mean, who wouldn't apply for a chance to fall in love with the series' true leading man??

But in January 2019, everything changed, and Harrison made his red carpet debut with Lauren Zima — the Hollywood equivalent of becoming Facebook official.

Obviously, Lauren Zima is the true winner of every season of "The Bachelor" combined, but who is she? And what makes her worthy of Chris Harrison's heart?

Here's what you need to know before shipping one of Bachelor Nation's greatest love stories:

1. She hosts her own Bachelor Nation digital series called "Roses and Rosé" for Entertainment Tonight.

As the voice of Bachelor Nation for ET, Lauren lends her hilarious personality to their digital series dedicated to episode recaps and cast interviews.

2. She knew Chris long before they got together.

Lauren has been ET's designated correspondent for all things "The Bachelor" for the last several seasons, so she interviewed Chris often. Though their relationship was once purely professional, you can see a spark between them long before things turned romantic, like in this clip from 2017.

3. She started dating Harrison in late August 2018 before they became "red carpet official" the following January. 

They made their debut as a couple at Entertainment Weekly's pre-SAG Awards party in LA and have been sharing their love story on Instagram ever since.

4. She kick-started their relationship by sliding into his DMs.

Lauren first knew Chris was interested when they shared a flirty conversation at craft services during a Tell-All taping. But SHE was the one to initiate things by sliding into his DMs soon after, opening to door for him to ask her out.

5. She's always been his biggest fan.

Though she claims that she "never looked at him and ever considered whether I found him attractive," it's clearly Lauren was always a fan of "The Bachelor's" host. Just watch her call him "one of America's great Chris's" in this adorable clip.

6. She's talented and driven.

After celebrating her one year anniversary with Chris, Lauren was promoted to regular correspondent on Entertainment Tonight – a huge accomplishment! When asked how Chris took the news, she said: "We work hard to be each other's biggest champions and celebrate our accomplishments."

7. She's supportive. 

Lauren is clearly proud to stand by Chris' side, and she shows it with sweet and supportive posts like this one from when he was named "Man of the Year" by his college fraternity.

8. She brings out his fun side.

Just look at this adorable picture of their first Halloween together, when he dressed up as the Jackson Maine to her Ally just because he knew it was her favorite movie of the year.

9. She is open about how much she loves him.

As she puts it, "life is good when love is easy," and it's clear that Chris and Lauren are very in love.

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