When it comes to dating and all the things that are associated with prepping for marriage, I have always been a little different. If you ask anybody that knows me then they can definitely agree. When it comes to finding a husband, I am not willing to negotiate on whether he has these qualities:

1. He has to be a devout follower of Jesus Christ.

Let's get down to it, shall we? I am deeply in love with Jesus and I want a man in my life that can push and encourage me in my relationship with Him. This particular quality is non-negotiable because the man is supposed to be the spiritual leader of the household.

I will not be able to date, much less marry, a man that may only go to church on Easter and Christmas. It is so important for me to fall in love with someone who loves the Lord more than me. I must always come second in his heart because Jesus Christ will always be of the utmost importance.

2. He has to love my family and enjoy spending a lot of time with them.

I am a sucker for some good quality family time. Ever since I was a little girl, my family has always been really close and gotten together for all kinds of occasions, even if it was just a random taco night.

I could never abandon my family for a man and I will not let that even be a choice. My family raised me into the girl that I am today, and I cannot imagine enduring this crazy world without them.

3. He has to be extremely ambitious and motivated.

I do not care if you are a janitor or CEO of a well-known company, you have always got to want to be better and do more. A college degree is not a requirement of being successful, but a motivated heart is non-negotiable.

Everyone has the power to change their circumstances and I expect my future husband to be willing to change not only his but also better the lives of everyone he meets.

4. He won't be afraid to express his emotions and knows that doing so doesn't make him weak.

Do not ever think that you are better than someone or more deserving or entitled. If a man cannot stay humble and keep his wits about him, then I do not want any part of what he thinks he has to offer. There is nothing more attractive than a man who knows he does not deserve anything in this world, but yet the Lord continues to bless him and entrust him to be a good manager of those blessings.

A man must possess strength and sensitivity all at the same time, which is a task in itself. It is our duty as Christians to always lift others up and never drag them down. I do not care if it is holding a door open for a disabled veteran or building a school in a poverty-stricken country, the Lord sees you being humble and loving others, and that is enough to bring Him joy, so it is more than enough for me.

5.  He has to love me for me.

I come with a lot, let's be honest. I come with some BIG DREAMS (which have scared some men away), so my future husband would have to go into marriage ready to chase them alongside me. I also bring along a powerful love for cats and tiny beta fish, which will cost money and lots of kisses. Since I have an old soul and I believe in going to bed in order to rise with the sun and be as productive as I can, I also have an early bedtime.

6. He will always put God before others, including me.

I know it seems odd to have this particular quality last, but I never want to be the most important thing in a man's life. I want him to chase after whatever God has laid on his heart, and I will be here, not waiting, but right alongside him fighting for him. He must also know that even though I will love him, he will become my priority because I am called to love God with my whole heart and marriage is a holy sacrament created by God in order for us to get a deeper look at His love for the church.

There will come a day when one man is not scared of this list and he will love me for all that I am. I am patiently awaiting that day, but I am already praying for you.

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