15 Xmas Gifts 'New Girlfriends' Can Give Their Guy, Even If It's Only Been A Few Weeks

15 Xmas Gifts 'New Girlfriends' Can Give Their Guy, Even If It's Only Been A Few Weeks

9. Concert Tickets

1. Gift card to favorite store

Best Buy, GameStop, Dick's Sporting Goods...

2. Jar with date ideas

Sunsets at a lake are ALWAYS a good idea.

3. Tickets to a sports game

Patriots or Giants?

4. Night in for a Netflix movie marathon

Take a peek under the scary movie section and settle in for a lowkey night.

5. Car stuff

Put a guy in an automotive store and you'll lose him for hours...

6. Coffee mug

What better way to drink his coffee?

7. Beer gift set

Who knew there were so many different kinds of beers??

8. Headphones

For those late night study sessions or the early morning work out sessions!

9. Concert tickets

Is Coldplay touring anytime soon?

10. Portable speaker

Now the shower concerts can (officially) start

11. A watch

Stylish for any occasion.

12. Video games

Even better - grab a controller and play with him!

13. Poker set

Put his bluffing skills to the test.

14. Laptop sleeve

An essential for school, work, or anyone else.

15. Beard oil

Beards are in and so are the oils that make them smell amazing.

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Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

16 Things You Start Texting Eachother If You've Been Dating TOO long

You two aren't even dating anymore...the term doesn't seem enough


There comes a time in a relationship where the honeymoon stage ends. It's not all sunshine and rainbows, dates become more infrequent, and unfortunately, the sweet "good morning" texts end.

But don't worry, that just means all the real fun is just beginning.

When the honeymoon stage ends you stop seeing that person as just your date or piece of arm candy, you start seeing them more as just another extension of yourself. And unfortunately, once that happens, all barriers that once were immediately come loose.

Does that mean the romance is dead? Just take a look at these texts you two start texting if you have been dating too long.

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My Date and I Split The Bill Because it's 2018

Common sense means more to me than antiquated gender norms


I'm a girl. Sometimes I pay for dates. Shocking, I know.

But when you're a college student or a millennial struggling to get by, dropping $100 on a fancy dinner or $30 for a date to the movies can sometimes be too much.

Which is why, when I go on dates, I at least offer to split the bill. Whether I've been on one date or dozens with this person, I never go with the expectation that someone is going to buy me a meal.

Rather, I plan on splitting the bill, each of us putting down a credit card and signing our respective receipts when they arrive. We tend to either do that or work out a sort of "I'll pay for lunch, you pay for the movie" sort of system.

While no one ends up counting pennies and squabbling over who ultimately ended up paying more and both people get to go away happy with their wallets (at least mostly) intact.

It helps on a number of levels. It helps us balance our finances with having fun, making sure we only end up ordering something we're comfortable paying for. It also helps us save money for things that are more important, like buying a car or getting to go on a weekend trip with friends.

While some would argue that it's the man's role to pay for the meal and that even suggesting that a woman pitches in is anti-chivalry and feminist garbage, the reality is actually the opposite.

Now that men and women tend to both be working and bringing home money, a woman doesn't have to rely on a man to buy everything for her anymore. In the same way, a man no longer has to feel obligated to work himself to death to provide his wife/girlfriend/string of casual flings with whatever they want.

Now, are there exceptions to this? Of course. I've been on dates with men that insist on paying for dinner, which I let them do but then I buy the ice cream.

Other times, it's just easier for one person to pay for both. Whether someone has to run before the bill gets paid, one person is driving in the drive-through, or the restaurant won't split the check, splitting the bill doesn't have to be a perfect science.

At the end of the day, it's the intention that matters. To even offer to share the financial burden is a great way to show consideration for the person you're dating.

Besides, it's 2018 and common sense means more to me than antiquated gender norms. Dating is about mutual giving and receiving and the relationship has been unbalanced for far too long.

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