I Asked 18 College Girls To Share Their Embarrassing Sex Stories And This Is What I Got

Let's just get it out there; sex can be awkward. However, it is comforting to know that whatever awkward or uncomfortable experience you might have had, someone will always have you beat. Trying to start a narrative that not all sexual encounters will be like the scenes portrayed in romance films, I asked other college women to recount their embarrassing or crazy sex stories.

1. "I had sex on his back porch, we were caught by his mother" 

I think being caught by anyone is rough, but being caught by a parent just makes the situation a hundred times worse.

2. "I had sex in [a frat house on campus] in the middle of a tailgate one time. Then I just carried on with my day."

Bravo. Going to a tailgate is draining enough, but having the stamina to keep going about your day is truly impressive.

3. "I chipped my tooth cause the guy was a really bad kisser. I still had sex with him though." 

My question, did he pay for you to fix your tooth?

4. "Nothing like being walked in on by your roommate."

That's why single rooms are the best.

5. "I lost my virginity with my best friend, her boyfriend, and my sister in the same room."

I'll leave this here.

6. "We kayaked to an island on a lake, had sex up against a tree, and got caught by a family of four." 

Your expectation of a situation is never as good as the reality.

7. "One time I bled all over this guy's bed when having hate sex with him. I didn't know I was on my period."

Let's hope he didn't have white sheets.

8. "I had sex in a bathroom at Universal Studios and in the parking garage. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do."

No caption needed.

9. "One time I had sex on my period and the guy had white sheets. Blood got everywhere." 


10. "I gave road head in front of a soccer mom, but I didn't realize she could see inside the car."

Lesson learned, have tinted windows.

11. "My ex and I decided to see a movie right after school and had sex in the theater. A worker walked in but couldn't see us because we hid."

It's a good thing the theater was dark.

12. "I gave road head on my way to Disney once, and then again at Disney."

Well, they do call it the most magical place on Earth.

13. "I had sex with [someone] in the shower, but then threw up on him."

At least you were in the shower, right?

14. "I broke someone's dick once."

Okay then...

15. "I had sex at my ex's and his mom came home and walked in. I hid in the closet because she doesn't like me." 

Great hiding place.

16. "One time I had sex seven times in one night. I saw him the next day at breakfast. The guy waved at me like he didn't screw me the night before."

Side note: the girl who told me then rectified my saying she there were two separate times she had sex seven times in one night, but the other didn't result in an awkward run-in the next morning.

17. "One time I was having sex on a public lake dock and these kids from the local high school showed up to smoke weed."

I guess you run that risk when you have sex in public.

18. "This one guy told me to 'get that shit' when I was about to give him head. I started laughing and got super turned off because he had such a tiny dick." 


Not all sexual experiences are perfect. Some can be really mortifying, but hopefully, this helped you remember you aren't the only one to have an embarrassing or awkward experience. And if anything, you got a good story out of it. Hopefully, you will be able to look back and laugh in a few years.

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

How Much Do You REALLY Know About Contracting STDs? Take This Quiz To Test Yourself

Time to find out how much you really know.


I don't care what anyone says, safe sex is better than unprotected sex. There are a ton of myths regarding sex, STDs, and germs. It's time to learn the facts. Be kind to your body and protect it. Be honest with yourself and a partner. Even if it's a one night stand, STDs should be on your mind–don't let it be a turnoff. STDs have been on the rise and "The United States continues to have the highest STD rates in the industrialized world." This is your wake-up call.

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My Parents Didn’t Tell Me To Stay Pure Until Marriage, I Made That Decision On My Own

So, please respect my decision.


As we evolve into a more open and accepting world, the one thing that is getting less taboo is sex. It's not something that is talked about behind closed doors. It's something that is on the television screens and easily accessible on our phones. People talk about it and promote it like it's small talk. It's so hard to escape, especially as a young adult.

To say that I am staying pure until marriage is a very uncommon thing, at least in my opinion. Sure, I have friends who are in the same boat as I am. But, even at a Christian college, sex is everywhere and most people are partaking in it. However, I decided to not.

Growing up, my parents never told me to stay pure until marriage directly. I went to church and heard about it in sermons. I knew that by keeping myself pure until marriage, I would enjoy it more knowing that I waited for my future husband. I understand that some people may not agree with me on this topic, but here's why I am saving myself.

1. I want to know that the man loves me.

For me, I want to have sex with someone that I love. Now, you may defend this with the fact that your boyfriend loves you. That's great. But, dating isn't always a sure thing. Boys (and girls) can say that they love you, just to get in your pants. And, they will. It happens all the time. And, because you are blinded by love, you will end up giving in and doing it. But, see, I don't want to be blinded by love. I want to know that the person I am with, is with me forever. By making the biggest commitment aka marriage, that is a clear sign that they love me and want me forever. This is a good example of actions show more than words do. They can say they love me, but when they showcase that love, that's when I know it is real.

2. I want to give all of me to one person.

I heard this great example my senior year that discusses this exact thing. For someone like Hugh Hefner, who was with HUNDREDS of women, when he got older, he said he didn't feel anything anymore when it came to sex. He was numbed by the whole experience. It wasn't pleasurable or for love. By having sex with countless women, he had given a little part of himself to each of them, until he had nothing left. Therefore, by saving myself for one person, they would be getting all of me. As a whole. 100%. This is special because no one else has that except for my future husband.

3. The idea of getting pregnant scares me because of the lack of security.

For the past three generations in my family, they have all had children young. 15, to 17, to 20 years old. Blinded by love. Manipulated by their hormones. They had sex and got pregnant. To see not only 1 woman, but 3 women in my life go through that, I know how difficult it is. You're a kid yourself. Personally, I do want children. However, I have so many dreams and goals for myself. I want to graduate from college. Get a good career. Travel. Fall in love. A lot of that can be halted by a child. I don't know if I would get to achieve everything I want to, especially if I would have to raise the child alone (which usually happens). So, by waiting for marriage, I am using the biggest form of birth control.

4. There's no comparing, if you have only been with one person.

Now, this is different for every relationship. However, everyone feels insecure or uncomfortable when it comes to dating and relationships. Knowing that someone has had sex prior, you wonder if you are shaping up or doing better than the previous. By only having sex with one person, it relieves the stress of comparison.

5. It brings me closer to God.

One important lesson I have learned from friends, college, and personal experience, is that relationships (when it isn't built on God), you tend to stray away from Him. Therefore, by making my relationship with God stronger, I fall in love with Him first. Then, I am capable of loving a boy and committing to something like marriage and sex.

So, no, my parents never convinced me to stay pure until marriage. It was my own decision. I have reasoning for staying pure and it's my choice. So, please stop shaming virginity in the 21st century, because I'm not shaming you if you aren't one.


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