14 Things That Every College Guy Is Asking For In 2018

Holiday season is officially upon us! Soon the snow will stay and the trees will be up and decorated. But with Christmas right around the corner, this means Christmas shopping is here as well. Shopping for your boyfriend who's in college can be quite stressful when he's indecisive and doesn't know what he really wants or says "I don't care." I went around and asked my guy friends and my boyfriend about things they would like under the tree this year and they all seemed to be the same or relate to one another. Here are some gifts you can surprise your boy that will be on his wish list this year!

1. Video games


If a guy in college doesn't play video games, is he really a guy in college? There are TONS of video games available in all different genres and many of them go on sale for Black Friday. Some of the hottest games this year already include Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Spider-Man.

2. Tickets to his favorite sports team


Tickets to a professional sporting event are always top of your boy's list. Surprise your hunny with tickets to watch his favorite sports team. You can never go wrong with watching his favorite player dominate on the court/field!

3. Shoes

Who doesn't like a brand new pair of shoes? Every one of my guy friends my age loves keeping their shoe game on point. Whether they're a fuzzy pair of moccasin's to keep his feet warm all winter or a new pair of work out shoes to keep him grinding at the gym, he'll love them.

4. Clothes


Clothes are the perfect gift for anyone in college. They can range from anything from bottoms to tops. Shock your lover with a sweatshirt with his favorite basketball team's logo on it.

5. Cologne

Almost always cologne is listed under my boyfriend's Christmas list. Not only is it a present for him, but then I get to obsess over how good he smells! My boyfriend's favorite cologne is Bleu De Chanel.

6. Headphones

College is all walking to class, and when we walk to class, 99% of the time we have our headphones on. A brand new pair of Beats really can make that trip to class extra enjoyable with good music and good headphones.

7. Apple Watch

Smart watches are today's newest trend and always on college-aged kids wish lists. Apple's newest Apple Watch series 4 just came out not too long ago. Your boy can track how much he walks, runs and can even text you back on this little watch.

8. Gift cards


The safest way to go are gift cards of your man's favorite places. Either clothes to food to gas cards, he'll be happy with any of them.

9. His favorite player's jersey


This is always a safe gift too. Every guy who is any guy has a favorite athlete. The Milwaukee Brewers just made franchise history with 102 wins and had their first playoff appearance this year since 2011, amaze your BF with this Christian Yelich jersey!

10. Beer


Man's real best friend.

11. Concert tickets


Concert tickets may only be a piece of paper or a ticket on your phone, but the experience will last a lifetime for your man. Almost every guy wants to see their idol at least once.

12. Socks

Guys love socks! There's also so many different kinds and brands you can buy to keep his feet nice and warm all winter long. My boyfriend has so many of the pair pictured above, they go with everything. You can buy them here.

13. Something for his gaming system

My boyfriend is always asking for things for his PlayStation 4. Guys always want to keep their consoles fresh and updated with new controllers, headsets or extra storage to keep giving them the best gaming experience.

14. Cash


Still don't know what to get your partner in college? CASH. They can literally buy anything with cash (duh!). The easiest and simplest way to go... maybe even the best way!

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

What It's Like Being A 20-Year-Old Virgin In The 21st Century

For now, I wait. And that is perfectly okay.

Sex. The topic we only spoke of in hushed tones in the past has quickly become a part of our everyday interactions. It seems to be the center of our motivations, thoughts, actions, and feelings. This is the reason I don't feel uncomfortable dedicating this week's article to the subject. Now, mom and dad, if you're reading this, I won't be offended if you stop. I'd actually be quite happy. Everybody else, do me a favor and ask yourself this:

What does it mean to be a virgin in today's society?

There is a social stigma associated with being a virgin. We're all prudes, are mega-religious, and have never even thought about what it would be like to share a night with Ryan Gosling. Right? Wrong. I promise you the majority of virgins you'll meet are virgins by choice - not because their moms have them chained to a metal post with their legs strapped shut. I've been racking my brain about questions and concerns and the million-dollar-question I have for y'all is: If it's no big deal to have sex, then why is it a big deal not to have sex? I mean really, whose business is it anyway?

I feel the criticism from my own doctor at times. She'd ask, "Are you sexually active?" I'd respond with a lightening fast "No", which she'd follow with a quick sigh and an even quicker response, "Have you ever been sexually active?" Unreal.

In a culture so consumed by "Netflix and chill" and the infamous right swipe, it's hard not to constantly wonder when (and with who) my time will come. It's almost like we're racing against the clock of chastity. I wonder if Marie Curie, Rosa Parks, or Amelia Earhart worried about who'd swipe their V-card as much as I do? Probably not, they were too busy making the world a better place.

I can't go a day without hearing about sex, talking about sex, or honestly... thinking about sex (sorry, dad). I remember a time when it was "shocking" to discover anybody was having sex and now it's "shocking" to discover anybody isn't. The reactions I get when people discover I still hold the key to my innocence aren't only mildly insulting but sad. When did it become shameful to be a virgin? I'm only 20 years old. I've only lived 1/4 of my life and in no means do I feel rushed to get down and dirty.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't plan for my life to go this way. Shocker, but my Magic 8-Ball didn't prepare me for this. I am a huge supporter of doing what you want, when you want, and with whom you want to do it with. Hell, half of my friends aren't virgins and I'm happy for them. They were with someone they loved (or at least liked) and made a choice. I've made a choice too. I am evolving with the world around me and taking life one wine bottle at a time. I don't want to settle for less than I deserve. I want somebody who loves me, respects me, and understands where I'm coming from.

I'm prepared to deal with the douchebags and the nobody losers who can't deal with the decision I've made equally as much as I'm prepared to meet the guy who can.

For now, I wait. And that is perfectly okay.

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9 Signs That You've Attained 'Comfortable Status' In Your Relationship

Everyone has that moment when you realize you would've NEVER done that in front of your S.O. six months ago.


There are many tell-tale signs that point out that you feel secure in your relationship and are comfortable with your partner.

1. You talk about LITERALLY everything.

No conversation point is off limits. There is nothing you won't talk about with that person—weird, but also kind of refreshing. You can talk about your day at work, the annoying kid in your class, tell your S.O. they have spinach in their teeth...

2. You don't have to text them all the time to know what's going on.

While checking in throughout the day is cute, if you go for an hour or two without hearing from them, it's not the end of the world. You know he's probably playing basketball at the rec or she's probably at chapter meeting and can't respond.

3. You aren't afraid to voice your opinion.

In the early days of dating, you may have said her shirt looks great when in fact you hate the color, or you may have told him you don't care if you get Chinese food even though you ate it last night for dinner. When you're truly comfortable, let it fly! Tell them how you really feel (to an extent)!

4. That person is always the first person you go to with everything. 

Whatever the circumstance is — just got a job, failed an exam, lost your wallet, etc. — you always text that person first, even if there's absolutely nothing they can do about it. It just feels right, like something you should do.

5. You aren't as insecure. 

So what if you didn't have time to shower before they came over? No biggie. If you brought the wrong shirt to their house? No worries! You forgot PJs and are staying over? You can borrow their shirt! These things don't become a big deal anymore.

6. You're not completely and totally head over heels all the time anymore.

Of course you still love each other, but it's OK to get on each other's nerves every once in a while! Maybe you had a bad day and they aren't listening. Maybe you wanted to hang out and they forgot and made plans. It's OK! Just use these experiences as an excuse to tell the other person how you feel and DON'T BE PETTY. At least for very long.

7. You sign each other up for things.

Maybe your BF has to be your plus one to your date party or you have to be his plus one to formal. Either way, you sign each other up and tell each other about it later. It's not like they'd have weekend plans that weren't with you anyway, right?

8. You sleep like a baby together.

You've gotten used to his snoring and tossing and turning, and he's gotten used to you taking up the whole bed and sleeping in the middle. It happens, right? You figured it out.

9. You both need your space.

Sometimes you need a night or a weekend away from each other, and that's OK! It just means they'll have time to miss you and they'll realize they wanna spend more time with you.

What else have I forgotten? I'm sure there are other signs you and your S.O. are getting comfy with each other. Comment below!

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