Upon entering college, I told myself it was going to be the best single years of my life. While I'm currently correct with it being the best years of my life, I'm no longer living it single. Many people enjoy being single in college because they can be free and experience anything they want without having a commitment to someone else.

While this is true, here are 10 reasons being in a relationship during college is the best:

1. You always have someone to rant to.

I can't very well rant to a guy whom I went to a date party with once about the struggles of my statistics professor because he wouldn't care. But, having a partner means you are there for them no matter what, even if you've already heard them complain about stats all week.

2. You can see them whenever you want, at any hour.

In a college relationship, you and said person can do almost anything you want at any time. This differs from high school in the sense that your parents are (most likely) not around to say you and your partner can't have sleepovers and watch movies until 2:30 a.m. on school nights.

3. You always have someone to hold you accountable.

In the absence of parents, sometimes it's hard to force yourself to go to that 8:00 a.m. class. When you have a partner in college, they'll force you to do what's best for you, even if that means blowing up your phone until you get up and leave for class.

4. You have someone to go to all your events with.

Whether it be something casual like a football game or a fancy dinner, you can always count on your partner so you don't have to go alone. Likewise, more formal things such as date parties, you have a go-to and don't have to scrounge around for a last-minute date.

5. They become your personal calendar

College students have busy lives and thus have a tendency to let things slip their minds. Having a partner who cares about you can make this easier because they can remind you of things you may have otherwise forgotten.

6. You get healthy breaks from each other

Opposed to a relationship out of college, college students are typically very busy. This means unintentional "breaks" from one another which is healthy for a relationship. Also, seasonal breaks allow you to go home and spend time with your own family.

7. You always have someone to hype you up.

High stress levels, doing bad on an exam, and being sleep deprived can cause college students to really question their self-worth. Having a partner in college can easily counteract this and help you feel better.

8. You live really close.

Going to the same college usually means you live close to each other, whether on or off campus, which makes everything easier.

9. You become more trustworthy.

Having a plethora of other college students around who will be interacting and talking to your partner daily just increases the trust between you two.

10. They help prepare you for the rest of your life.

Whether you and your college partner last through all of college and then continue to stay together post-graduation or not, being in a college relationship still gives you good practice with communication, trust, and learning how to be around someone for extended periods of time.

This is not to say being single in college isn't fun, as it definitely can be, but the reasons to have a college relationship are quite compelling, and likely set you up for more success than being single would.

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