After one year at the same college as my boyfriend, and half a year without, I think I know what I am talking about. Same-college relationships are a myth.

They don't always work, so don't feel like you need to change your plan so you don't get hurt. You're fine, take a breath.

Here's what you need to know from girl to girl or girl to boy.

First, you are fine. If you work for what you want (your S.O.), you won't need to stress about other people nudging their ways in. If you genuinely both want to be with each other and only each other, you're going to be okay.

Boys, your girlfriend DOES NOT just go out to seek a hookup. Odds are, she's the wing woman, and she will be going home, in her own bed, by herself and probably be blowing up your phone about how much she loves you.

Girls, don't assume that your boyfriend is looking to get with someone, too. Most good guys, and I pray you got a good one, are just going out so the boys don't make fun of how "cuffed" he is.

Trust is a huge aspect of making this relationship work. If you don't have it with your S.O., leave now. Of course, we don't trust other people, but the most important thing is that you trust in each other.

Secondly, get used to sleeping alone. It sucks to not be able to wake up and see your S.O. laying next to you. But listen, those visits that they come up for you will be worth the wait.

When you're not with each other every day, you begin to appreciate the time you have with each other more.

Thirdly, don't listen to what everyone else says, seriously.

You know your bae the best, you know what their intentions are with you.

You seriously don't need to be with each other at the same college for it to work. You just need to trust in each other, and really know that you're in it for the long run.

Remember, if it's meant to be, it'll be.