Nearly Half Of All College Students Say They'd Be Embarrassed To Meet Their Partner On A Dating App

In 2018, it's not uncommon to hear that a friend went on a date with someone from Bumble, or see YouTube Tinder horror story videos all over the internet (yes, I'm talking about you, Gabbie Hanna). Clearly, the world now is different than what our parents and grandparents experienced. Whenever I ask older people about how they met their husband/wife, they always go into elaborate detail about meeting them through a family member, at the park, etc. With consistency like that, it's hard not to wonder if online dating is ruining romance for us. So I surveyed 21 people about their opinions on the matter.

First off, I asked these 21 people if they had ever used/were currently using online dating. Of those surveyed, 18 participants admitted to using online dating at one time or another, and three said that they had never used it before. Among the online daters, the most used app was Tinder, with Bumble following closely behind.

I then asked these same people if they would be embarrassed to tell people that they met their significant other online. Surprisingly, the group was practically split in half, with 10 saying they would be embarrassed, and 11 saying that they wouldn't be. I found that result ironic because, believe it or not, 12 of the 21 people surveyed asked to be kept anonymous. And of those 12, six claimed that they wouldn't be embarrassed to admit that they met their S.O. online. If that were the case, then why keep your name private? I would argue that's contradictory.

It seems as though people might be more embarrassed than they like to admit.

The last question that I asked everyone was: Do you think online dating is making our generation's love stories less romantic? This was when people started giving lengthier responses. There were lots of different opinions. For the most part, it seems as though our generation is open to online dating and finding a lifetime partner that way, but there's still a stigma that we can't completely shake off. Check out the highlights below.

1. "Online dating just makes it easier to meet another person"

"I don't think it's less romantic. My friend met his current S.O. over an online video game, and now they're very close with each other. They still participate in behavior that would be considered very romantic and all. Online dating just makes it easier to meet another person but also ignore matches, and if you don't ignore a match then I think people are still ready to dedicate themselves to their partner."

-Anonymous, 21

2. "Yes! Where are the meet-cutes?"

-Kat, 20

3. "Meeting online seems to be more normal than we think"

"Sort of, I also understand that nowadays people are so busy and the world is so high-tech that meeting online seems to be more normal than we think. I am guilty of telling people a different story on how I met my boyfriend though."

-Deb, 21

4. "You still have to meet them in person and win them over"

"In this day and age? I think it's an alright way to meet people and see if you can hold an actual convo with them. You still have to meet them in person and win them over and stuff."

-Georgette, 21

5. "No, we had still met in person prior, but this just connected us."

-Maggie, 21

6. "You can still be pretty romantic"

"Yes and no. Like it takes away from the cute 'this is how we met' story, but your relationship can still be pretty romantic even if you did meet online."

-Sarah, 21

7. "There's a level of distrust behind phones"

"For the most part, yes. I'd prefer to meet someone in person (ex: at a bar or through mutual friends) because I feel like there's a level of distrust behind phones. You can edit your profile to be a little deceiving. In person, you get exactly what you see. But I wouldn't be embarrassed if my next boyfriend were from social media."

-Anonymous, 21

8. "It all started with him saying 'Wanna see a meme?'"

"I think it's a different type of romance which is something we have to accept. The person I'm talking to now and I met on Tinder and it all started with him saying 'Wanna see a meme?' And we've been seeing each other for almost two months now!"

-Briana, 20

9. "I'm not opposed to online dating"

"Honestly, yes. I strongly believe in organically meeting and connecting with others. But I'm not opposed to online dating, it's worked for me in the past!"

-Grace, 19

10. "You get judged for extra as a girl"

"Yes, mostly because of the stigma/embarrassment associated with it and because people aren't public about saying that they met through apps. If more people said it it would become a lot more normalized, but since it doesn't the assumption seems to be that you were on the app for hookups (which you get judged for extra as a girl)."

-Anonymous, 19

11. "Nope! I found the love of my life online."

-Anonymous, 21

12. "The romance is what comes after that"

"Not at all. You meet through apps the way you used to meet through friends, but the romance is what comes after that."

-Beth, 21

Literally, so hot RN

Literally, so hot RN

10 Signs The Guy You're Texting During Sylly Week Will Be Your Boyfriend By Finals Week

Trust me hunny, if he is actually interested, you can tell.


We've all had that guy in our message thread that we have a crush on but can't tell if he does too. It's a little nerve wrecking because us girls don't want to say to much and make him flee. It's a give and take kind of game that can be fun or stressful. When texting a guy, it's always a gamble.

Here are 10 signs that will tell you if he actually likes you:

1. He texts YOU first 

This is super, super telling. If he really likes you, he will want to initiate conversation. Plus, this means he is thinking about you.

2. He sends long, thought out messages 

Typically, guys aren't the biggest texters. They usually send short and to the point messages, but if he is sending you long and carefully constructed texts, you are heading in the right direction.

3. He texts you when he wakes up 

Everybody knows this is of extreme importance. There are so many things a guy thinks about when he first wakes up so if you receive that message it means you were one of the first things that came to his mind.

4. When you don't text back right away he asks what you were doing 

The longer you take, he either wont think anything of it or he will think nonstop why you're not responding. So, If he asks what you were doing you know he's interested.

5. He makes it a point to text throughout the day 

Guys typically hate texting and don't do it often. So if he texts you all day long you are important in his daily life.

6. Compliments, compliments, compliments 

Compliments tell it all! If he constantly is genuinely complimenting you he is 100% interested.

7. He is always asking you questions about yourself 

If he does this he wants to get to know you better, which is a very good sign.

8. He tries to make you laugh

Making a significant other laugh is normally incredibly important. So if he is always trying to make you laugh and it's successful, you are on the right track.

9. He lets you know what y'all would be doing if he was with you 

This means he is thinking and fantasizing about you and imagining what it would be like to be with you—the best sign you could receive.

10. He texts you when he is drunk 

Listen up girls, if he is texting you and he is blackout drunk then this is tell tale sign. Guys can rarely even remember their name when they are drunk let alone text. So, if this happens you are definitely on his mind.

There are always signs to let you know if a guy really likes you. Here are just a couple to give a little insider, but if he does these then girl you've got nothing to worry about. Go get him, girl.

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10 Reactions You Have When Your Ex-Boyfriend Has A BABY, As Told By Michael Gary Scott

"Oh, my God! OK, it's happening!"


I don't know if I'm still too young or already old enough for my ex-lovers to start having children but either way, I'm freaking out.

Whether it's my ex or my friends, I am in utter shock because it's a reminder that I am not getting any younger. I'm stepping into a realm that I've never traverse before, and in all honesty, I don't think I'm ready.

There's nothing wrong about them having a child, settling down, and doing their thing but how the hell did time fly so fast? It's just that I can barely make my bed every day, let alone change a miniature human's diaper.

These were my reactions while stalking my ex on Instagram, as told by Michael Scott:

1. When you first hear the news 

2. "Wait how old were we?" 

3. "How old am I?" 

4. "No I'm not THAT old... am I?" 

5. "Can someone please tell me how and when did this happen?" 

6. "OMG, it's so small and chubbers" 

7. Two words—baby fever 

8. Then you remind yourself that you can't even take care of yourself 

9. Miss emotions about the whole ordeal 

10. You're actually really happy for them 

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